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Supertest: Concept 5, Tier X British Wheeled Medium [15 Jun ’23]

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As mentioned in my announcement post, it’s time for me to play catch-up on what I’ve missed posting over the past few weeks!

For starters, the first vehicle from the upcoming British line of wheeled mediums arrived on Supertest in mid-June:

X 🇬🇧:MT:Concept 5


This fast vehicle has a good view range and high power to-weight-ratio, it has a very accurate gun. It can quickly capture key positions on the battlefield with other medium tanks, it can also support its allies by changing position on the map. However, its armor is quite thin, so it’s better to avoid the shots.

This vehicle carries a 110mm cannon that fires every 11.7s. The penetration value of its standard and special shells is 260 and 318 mm respectively. Its damage per shot stands at 430 HP, its gun dispersion is 0.31 and its aiming time is 1.8s. The hull’s front reaches 70mm. The vehicle has 1,800 HP. Its top speed is 65 km/h. The specific power of the vehicle is 25.2 hp/t. Its view range is 400 m.

Some official preview renders were also included with the news post:

As mentioned in the April 2023 Roadmap Preview, this – along with the other vehicles in this forthcoming branch – will function very differently from the existing French wheeled lights. In short:

  • They will be much slower than the French wheeled lights (as evidenced by the mobility stats of this vehicle)
  • They will be able to (slowly) rotate in-place, similar to tracked vehicles
  • Damage to their wheels will slow them down significantly more

For additional details, please see this post.

This vehicle, along with the rest of the British wheeled mediums, is slated to arrive with Update 1.22 sometime in August/September 2023. Stay tuned!

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