Have no fear, Harkonnen is here…

… to save that team that believes the game is lost, to save that team that can’t actually do any damage… No, just me going wild with my imagination.

Hello readers, my name is Duarte Teixeira aka Harkonnen and I’m the owner of The Daily Bounce. I’m currently 29 years old, I’m from Portugal but I have lived in the United Kingdom for the last 5 years.


Me in the Vehicle Conservation Centre, Bovington Tank Museum

I’m crazy about tanks and love history, specially about World War II. My wife thinks I’m a bit crazy but she goes with me everywhere I want to go and she is now very proud to say she went over 10 times to the Bovington Tank Museum because of me… I went over 20 times now, yeah I know, but I have to use and abuse that annual ticket… any excuse is fine with me just to go down there see what I have seen loads of times.

But when I’m not visiting the Museum or other places, I’m at home playing World of Tanks, have been since Closed Beta. I also play World of Warships, also got in closed Beta and I used to play once every 6 months War Thunder and sometimes I even go to Armoured Warfare.

I hope to bring a lot of unique content for the blog and hope that I’m not too boring when I start talking about something I have a passion for.

And please do fell free to contact me if you want to talk or share anything related to World War II , tanks, World of Tanks, Warships, anything and remember…

Have no fear, Harkonnen is here.