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NOTICE: Update/Partial Hiatus on WoT News Coverage

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Classic speaking! You may have noticed a lack of posts on WoT news lately — this is NOT for lack of news (a lot of stuff has hit over the past few weeks, including the now-finished Night Battles arcade format, announcement of a new test format for the next Clanwars season, new vehicles on Supertest including the entirety of the new wheeled British medium line, and even Tankfest itself), but rather, has been due to a lack of available time on my end. These past few weeks in particular were primarily spent traveling, which (among other things) made keeping up with posts over here a bit difficult.

This has given me the time to realize that, frankly, trying to split time between everything I’ve occupied myself with in my free time (including writing here, managing my WoT News Discord server [WoT InfoCord], research on armor/engines for my sound mod, etc… and that’s without mentioning any IRL responsibilities) isn’t exactly the most sustainable – or even feasible – in the long run. (Even before the most recent break in posting, some of you have probably noticed some relatively-large gaps at times/general delays from when news first comes about.)

Therefore, at least for the time being, I will be stepping back from writing news posts for The Daily Bounce — to a degree, anyway. For example, the arrival of new vehicles on Supertest has proven to be the least difficult/time-consuming topic to keep up with, while also being among the most engaging – and important to the game overall – topics, so I would like to continue keeping up with these until Hark returns. I may occasionally make exceptions to this rule, i.e. when something big comes along (such as the 2023 Preview or Feb/Apr Roadmap Sneak Peeks), though my actual written coverage of these may be scaled back a bit compared to previous posts.

In short — I will NOT stepping back entirely from writing on TDB, but I will be scaling back in what I post here, so WoT News coverage will likely be a bit limited (primarily to vehicles/major updates/etc) for the time being. I will note — my post cadence on WoT InfoCord will remain the same, since that has proven to be the easiest for me to fit into my schedule.

Regardless, stick around — Hark has mentioned that he, in his own words (from the TDB Discord), “will be doing a full review to the website and make a comeback” at some point soon! And until then, I will continue posting news regarding certain topics as expressed above (including catching up on the vehicles I’ve missed while I was out, which should come over the next few days). Stay tuned, and take care!

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