World of Tanks – WG Developer Banned for Use of Illegal Mod

Hello everyone,

Today a ban was issued on the Russian Server for the Use of Illegal Modifications. Nothing unusual here, if the ban hadn’t been to a WG Interface Developer.

According to the announcement, Fadalmahr was caught using a mod that changes the objects transparency and was given a 7 days ban and was removed from the WG Clan. Wargaming has promised to deal with all players caught cheating the same way, being them Developers or just a normal player.

Makes you wonder why a Developer would use illegal mods, doesn’t it? The fact Wargaming Russia didn’t cover this up made me smile and I wish we get the same transparency from EU, NA and SEA Offices.

Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 8

Hello everyone,

And on the eighth day of Christmas we got the 59-Patton, with a Garage Slot, 3,750 Gold, 15 Missions 5x XP For a Victory and 25 Personal Reserves 100% Crew XP for two hours for only €39.99. Not worth it, not at all. This time we got just the tank available for €27.45, again not worth the price. Up to the moment, seems this year nothing has been really worth the money. These sales are not even special, it’s just normal sales available for 24 hours. Can we get something a bit different next time Wargaming?


Conqueror and Caernarvon New Turrets – Update

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I’ve posted an article about the new Conqueror and Caernarvon turrets shared by Aleksander Galevskyi, Lead Artist at IGG Minsk. Today it came to my attention that these renders were either removed or hidden from his portfolio. This means he shared something he shouldn’t have that might be coming to the game. When, we don’t know yet. If you haven’t seen them yet, don’t forget to check the article.

Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 7

Hello everyone,

And on the seventh day of Christmas we got the KV-220-2 with a Garage Slot and 6,500 Gold for €29.99. This time the tank isn’t available just on it’s own. But it’s not a bad deal for a decent tank, I got it in my garage and its on of those tanks that can be a beast if played correctly.


Christmas Code – 1st + 2nd Part

  • EU Region: QD + WE
  • SEA Region: 6M + ZA
  • NA Region: NZ + GJ

Christmas Code – 3rd Part

  • EU Region: 3L
  • SEA Region: 9H
  • NA Region: K3