Officially a Wargaming Community Contributor

Hello everyone,

I’m proud to announce that today I am officially a Wargaming Community Contributor. Got a €2,000,000 contract signed and… Just dreaming there!


It’s been just a bit more than six months, since I’ve started The Daily Bounce blog and I never thought I would get where I am at the moment so fast. I’ve been in contact with Wargaming since November, just after I got invited to WG Fest 2016 , but only today I’ve been officially made a Wargaming Community Contributor. Got a shiny new Forum Title and everything (lol) but also I got more tools to communicate with Wargaming and I will have a lot more access to information to share with you all.

But all of this wouldn’t be possible without you, the readers that come here day after day. To you all a big thank you!

To show my appreciation to everyone for their support, I’ll be doing a giveaway to celebrate this milestone. Keep tuned for more details in the next few days.

World of Tanks – Sandbox Applications


Hello everyone,

Sandbox applications seem to be open at the moment. If you didn’t participate in the previous iteration you can send your application and see if you get picked for the upcoming test. No dates are yet available, Russian blogs are saying it will be soon, but I can’t confirm this information. My guess is that we will be getting the Sandbox Server open soon to test the new Light Tank and changes to View Range.


Sandbox EU Portal
Sandbox NA Portal
Sandbox SEA Portal


World of Warships – Sub_Octavian Reddit Q&A – 18/01/2017

Hello everyone,

First of all, thanks to Takru for sharing this on the official EU forum. Sub_Octavian was active on Reddit again and answered a lot of player questions.

Source: Official EU Forum

Q: Any updates on replay functionality?

A: It is not low priority – it is planned and even worked on. But it won’t come very soon, as we aim at quite rich functionality of replays.

Q: Question regarding Radar mechanics.

A: With the exception of Missouri, Radar is purely cruiser option. We don’t want to add cruiser – DD counter. That would be cruiser nerf, which is currently not desirable.

Q: Question regarding performance of German destroyers.

A: It is too early to make conclusions, but our preliminary opinion: they are fine. Not as peculiar as RN CLs. Not as straight-powerful as KM BBs. This is a fine line, seems more or less balanced, but perhaps it lacks “wow!!!”. We will continue observing it. The stats on mid and high tier are not settled yet.

Q: […] Are there plans to extend this to other cruisers in order to make them more forgiving to play […] ?

A: There are no such plans now. This heal is a part of unique gameplay style, specific to RN. Other lines have their own features. We’d rather not make them all the same.

Q 1: Does Adrenaline Rush reduce loading time by 0.1% for each 1% hp missing or is it 0.2%? PTS2 had it at 0.2%

A 1: 0.2%. Typo here

Q 2: Does Adrenaline Rush affect ALL armament of the ship? Such as Secondaries, Torpedoes and AA as well as Primary battery? If not, exactly what armament gets affected by it?

A 2: Torpedoes and Primary for now. No AA. No Secondaries (we plan to add secondaries soon, though). Continue reading

World of Warships – Alabama ST Gameplay

Hello everyone,

A video showing a game with the upcoming Tier VIII American Premium Battleship Alabama has been shared. The publisher of the video stated ‘special permission has been granted from St Petersburg via Vadim (Global Integration Manager) and Sergey (Dev lead) for publication of this video, even though the Alabama still is under NDA and in testing. This is not a general permission to publish Alabama ingame videos or details, but only a permission granted to this specific video.’

For those who don’t know, the Alabama ST will be a reward ship for Supertesters, a normal version will be available for players to buy.

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