World of Warships: Ranked Battles

Hello everyone,

Ev1n, World of Warships Producer, has shared some information about Ranked Battles when he was asked about it by a player.

Yaskaraxx: Anyway: could us players be given a choice BEFORE accepting a random-battle. I mean: if one notices BEFORE a battle begins that yr totally out-matched, that  one should have the possibility to decline such a random battle? For instance: I would certainly like it when i would have the opportunity to leave a “team-up” when noticing that all other ships 1 or 2 tiers lower (or higher) than my ship. If would give me the opportunity to make a choice for a real sportive & challenging battle before a battle starts.

So, in short:

  • When do we get our ranked battles back?
  • Can we get an option to “leave an unbalanced team-up” prior to a battle starts?


  • February / March next year.
  • This is not possible, for may different reasons. Foremost of them is that the tier spread in battle is part of the core design of the game. Without it the game would lose more than it would gain.

Some sources claimed Ev1n is not to be trusted…” but I believe this is solid information. So if you were looking to get Ranked Battles any time soon, you will have to wait a little bit more.

Source: World of Warships EU Forum

Finnish Developer Boomlagoon Joins Wargaming

Hello everyone,

Wargaming continues expanding their market and their company, this time by acquiring Finnish Developer Boomlagoon, reinforcing Wargaming’s mobile presence.


Founded in Helsinki in 2012, Boomlagoon have worked on quality titles like the collectible card game Monsu and Spirit Hunter. They recently shifted direction and developmental strategy with the open community-developed Super Soldiers.

Keith Kawahata, Head of Mobile at Wargaming, “The acquisition of Boomlagoon, in the mobile development hotbed of Helsinki, creates a great outpost for us to strengthen our market position. They share our vision of fun, high-quality products and services, and their extensive experience in mobile will help Wargaming deliver its future mobile titles to an even broader audience.”

If you want to read more about it, just visit website.

Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 5

Hello everyone,

And on the fifth day of Christmas we got the VK 45.03 with 6.500 Gold, 10x Personal Reverses +100% XP for €49,99.


Don’t forget, this time we got the just the tank for €29,15.So if you want the tank but you don’t want to spend a fortune in a bundle, just get the tank without any discounts. I’ve missed the Advent Calendar Day 4 and the second part of the code was shared there. Here’s the codes for each region so far.

Christmas Code – 1st Part

  • EU Region: QD
  • SEA Region: 6M
  • NA Region: NZ

Christmas Code – 2st Part

  • EU Region: WE
  • SEA Region: ZA
  • NA Region: GJ

Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager – Available on RU Server


Hello everyone,

Last Sunday on the Russian Server, the Tier VII Premium German Tank Destroyer Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager has been made available for purchase in the Premium Store. It costs $25,00 with a garage slot or $35,00 with two garage slots, a Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) and 30 days Premium.

The vehicle is intended to replace the good old E-25. Hopefully Wargaming will release this vehicle on all servers soon. Because I’ve never published anything about this vehicles, I’ve added it’s final stats to the article.



  • Tier VII Tank Destroyer
  • Hit Points: 800
  • Gun 8.8 cm Kw.K. 43 L/71 – Tier VIII

    • Shell Avg. Penetration: 203 / 237 / 44 mm
    • Shell Avg. Damage: 240 / 240 / 295
  • Reload Time: 8.69s
  • Rate of Fire: 6.90 rounds/min
  • Aiming Time: 1.82s
  • Average Damage per Minute: 2085.71 HP/min
  • Accuracy0.32
  • Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -8 / +45 deg
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 28.16 deg/s
  • Traverse Speed: 40 deg/s
  • Terrain Resistance
    • Hard: 0.96
    • Medium: 1.05
    • Soft: 2.01
  • Hull Armour: 20 / 10 / 8
  • Turret Armour: 20 / 10 / 10
  • Weigh/Load Limit: 13.725 / 16.0 t
  • Engine Power: 140 hp
  • Specific Power: 10.20 hp/t
  • Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 35 / 15 km/h
  • Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 39.7 (%)
  • Concealment of Moving Vehicle: 23.8 (%)
  • View Range: 360 m
  • Signal Range: 710 m
  • Crew: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader)