T25 Pilot Mission – Day 13


Hello everyone,

T25 Pilot Day 13 Mission is:

  • Conditions:
    • Destroy a total of 30 enemy vehicles over any number of battles
  • Reward:
    • 1x Personal Reserve: +300% Free XP for 2 hours
    • 1 Daily Mission Token

World of Tanks – Developers Q&A 23/03/17

Hello everyone,

Today the Russian Community had a Developers Q&A Stream just like the NA and EU Community recently had and here’s a digest of what has been discussed.

Source: WOT Clue & WOT Leaks

  • Developers are still discussing if platoons of three arty’s will be allowed;
  • Premium Light Tanks will not be changed, only their Matchmaking will be reduced to normal +2/-2 after the introduction of Tier X Light Tanks;
  • If a player has a experience on a Tier VIII Light Tank (for example AMX 13 90), it will stay on that Tier VIII, but the crew will move to Tier IX just like the tank;
  • For now, Light Tank Personal Missions will remain unchanged;
  • It’s possible the introduction of new Tier VIII Premium Light Tanks;
  • If fewer players are online at one time, it will be more difficult to for matchmaking;
  • Skill based matchmaker will never be introduced to Random Battles;
  • IS-7 and T-44 will be buffed soon but not next patch;
  • ST-I will have a new mechanic, no further details revealed for now;
  • Player with low spec computers will still be able to run the game on low setting as they are now;
  • Chat to all won’t return;
  • Perks and Skills will be reworked, but it’s a very difficult process and it will take time;
  • SPG’s will be able to splash a lot more, but will kill a lot less;
  • There are ideas to either remove or rework team kill, it will be tested;
  • Personal Missions will get a new set of missions;
  • Experience for tanking and hiding statistics won’t be introduced;
  • Some tanks like the KV-5 and T-54 mod. 1 will be completely redone in order to buff them;
  • Wargaming is considering to remove the SPG Class if the new stun mechanics is negatively received.

T25 Pilot Mission – Day 12


Hello everyone,

T25 Pilot Day 12 Mission is:

  • Conditions:
    • Win a total of 10 battles
    • Be in the top 5 players on your team by base experience earned (bonuses for the first victory, Premium Account, etc., will not be counted to determine the rankings)
  • Reward:
    • 1x Personal Reserve: +50% XP for 1 hour
    • 1 Daily Mission Token

T-103 –Russian Premium Tank Destroyer – Stats, Pictures & Armour

Hello everyone,

Here’s the T-103 complete stats, pictures and armour, Russian Premium Tank Destroyer currently on Supertest.

Sources: WOT Clue & WOT Leaks

Please remember these are Supertest Stats, these are not final and subject to change before the final version is released.




  • Tier VIII Tank Destroyer
  • Hit Points: 1250
  • Gun 130mm B-13
    • Shell Avg. Penetration: 258 / 307 / 65 mm
    • Shell Avg. Damage: 440 / 440 / 580
    • Reload Time: 9.781s
    • Rate of Fire: 6.134 rounds/min
    • Aiming Time: 2.21s
    • Accuracy0.345
    • Average Damage per Minute: 2699.2 HP/min
  • Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -8 / +? deg
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 30 deg/s
  • Traverse Speed: 15 deg/s
  • Terrain Resistance
    • Hard: 1.247
    • Medium: 1.342
    • Soft: 2.397
  • Hull Armour: 100 / 100 / 60
  • Turret Armour: 100 / 100 / 60
  • Weigh/Load Limit: 63t / 66t
  • Engine Power: 1000 hp
  • Specific Power: 15.87 hp/t
  • Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 40 / 15 km/h
  • Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 7.8%
  • Concealment of Moving Vehicle: 4.7%
  • View Range: 380 m
  • Signal Range: 730 m
  • Crew: ?

T-103 – Russian Premium Tank Destroyer – Initial Stats

Hello everyone,

A new Russian vehicle is going to be introduced on Supertest, and no, it’s not a Heavy Tank. This time we have the T-103 Tier VIII Tank Destroyer. The model is not yet finished, but Wargaming has decided to introduce the vehicle to Supertest in order to check it’s performance. Main characteristics will be the high alpha, amazing penetration and good armour. T-103 is also know as Object 103 and it was an early design of SU-100Y, historically the tank had a 130mm gun, but 100mm and 152mm guns were also considered.

Please remember these are Supertest Stats, these are not final and subject to change before the final version is released.


  • Tier VIII Tank Destroyer
  • Hit Points: 1250
  • Hull Armour: 100 / 100 / 60 mm
  • Turret Armour: 100 / 100 / 60 mm
  • Shell Avg. Penetration: 258 / 307 / 65 mm
  • Shell Avg. Damage: 440 / 440 / 580
  • Reload Time: 10.2s
  • Rate of Fire: 5.88 rounds/min
  • Aiming Time: 2.3s
  • Average Damage per Minute: 2588.26 HP/min
  • Accuracy0.36
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 15 deg/s
  • Traverse Speed: 30 deg/s
  • Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 40 / 15 km/h
  • View Range: 380m

World of Tanks – STRV S1 – Available on EU & NA Server – Updated

Hello everyone,

The Swedish Tier VIII Premium Tank Destroyer is now available on the EU Premium Store. The usual bundles are available, that cost an arm and a leg, but if you just want the tank, its available for 39.75€. There isn’t any information when this tank will be available for other servers, but I’ll publish once it comes out. Also, before you buy this tank, don’t forget to read my review on it.

Update #1

STRV S1 is now available for NA Server also, and packages start on $48.99 with the tank and a garage slot, the rest are just the usual arm and a leg bundles.