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Holiday Ops 2024: Festivities, Gifts, A New Celebrity Guest, and More!

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December being just around the corner means it’s about time for Holiday Ops to arrive in World of Tanks! Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year—full of joy, great presents, and valuable rewards.

During Holiday Ops 2024, a festive Village will appear in place of your standard Garage, filled with the spirit of the season and friendly characters. Make your Village shine even brighter and furnish it to your taste with decorations! This year, there’s a new guest star presiding over the celebration: Vinnie Jones, the renowned British footballer and actor who will add a unique flavor to the event with his missions and assignments. Join the festivities and prepare for a huge celebration!

Holiday Ops 2024

Resources: A Familiar Format

Much of this year’s Holiday Ops appears to function very similarly to last year’s, including the four resource types – Rock Crystal, Pure Emerald, Warm Amber, and Meteoric Iron – as well as their uses. Furthermore, they can be received from:

  1. Your village, once per-day (if you miss any days, you will receive a fixed amount more than the standard daily amount the next time you redeem — though, this will grant less than claiming them once every day)
  2. In your Best Friends’ Villages (up to two), once each per-day
  3. From opening Large Boxes
  4. As rewards for completing the standard Daily Missions:
Tier I450 of a random resource type
Tier II300 of a random resource type
Tier III350 of a random resource type
Bonus450 of a random resource type

Additionally, as with last year, any excess resources can be converted to other types at an exchange rate of 50:40.

Festive Atmosphere Levels

Festive Atmosphere level can be increased by upgrading each of the three (3) main decoration zones in your hangar (Christmas Tree, Fair, and Installation) with Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald. Each zone will have five (5) levels — reaching the final (5th) level for all three zones will get you to Festive Level X.

The upgrade levels for each of the three zones will grant the following number of Festive Atmosphere Points:

  • Level 1 – +5 Festive Atmosphere Points
  • Level 2 – +5 Festive Atmosphere Points
  • Level 3 – +10 Festive Atmosphere Points
  • Level 4 – +10 Festive Atmosphere Points
  • Level 5 – +20 Festive Atmosphere Points
  • (Total: 50 Points)

Festive Atmosphere Levels unlock at the following Festive Atmosphere Point levels:

  • Level I: 0 Points
  • Level II: 10 Points
  • Level III: 20 Points
  • Level IV: 30 Points
  • Level V: 40 Points
  • Level VI: 60 Points
  • Level VII: 80 Points
  • Level VIII: 100 Points
  • Level IX: 120 Points
  • Level X: 150 Points

Festive Atmosphere Levels: Rewards

Every new Festive Atmosphere Level will grant you a number of rewards upon reaching them. These include Personal Reserves, national and universal fragments, Crew Books, special crew members, a brand-new festive 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence, and much more.

Complete list of rewards for Festive Atmosphere Levels (in order from level 1-10):

As can be seen above, this year’s gift tank has been confirmed:

III Panzerwagen 39

All players who log into the game during Holiday Ops 2024 will receive the III Pzw. 39 for free!

Chaffee the Dog: Missions for Additional Gifts!

Chaffee the Dog has also returned from previous years — though this time, he’s better than ever. Now, you can spend money on gifts for him and get something in return unlike last year! But seriously — it is not yet known whether the “in-game currency” specified below will be credits or gold (though the latter is more likely); however, gifts for Chaffee will be grouped into three (3) bundles this time around, and you will receive an extra Sack for each bundle purchased (totalling up to 4):

  • The friendly pooch has been preparing for this year’s festivities: Chaffee will give you Sacks with cool rewards for completing his simple daily missions, starting with one Sack per mission.
  • This smart canine is expecting some gifts, too! If you spend in-game currency to get him a Bundle of items made for dogs (beds, collars, toys, and food), you will receive one additional Sack per mission. There are three Bundles, so you can get up to four Sacks per mission. Up to 12 Sacks a day during a 39-day-long event is a lot!

  • Note that the value of gifts inside the Sacks increases depending on the Bundle they are related to. (If you rub Chaffee’s back, he’ll rub yours—in a way!) Also, if you get a new Bundle after you have completed Chaffee’s daily missions, you will receive all that day’s Sacks associated with that Bundle. Among the possible gifts, there’s a special 2D style!


Furthermore, Bro-wards have returned from last year, allowing you to earn unique rewards simply for visiting your friends’ villages!

During Holiday Ops 2024, you can visit the Villages of any of your World of Tanks friends to admire them. On the day you join the event, two people from your friends list will be assigned the “Best Friend” status. Your initial Best Friends will be chosen from those who have already joined the event; you can replace them with different Best Friends if you would like. Once a day, pay a visit to their Villages and collect extra resources to boost your progress!

Don’t worry: the resources you receive in your Best Friends’ Villages are not subtracted from their stockpiles—you get them all for free!

Each time you collect resources in a Best Friend’s Village, you automatically receive a special point. After earning a certain number of these points, you can obtain the following unique customizations:

Special Celebrity Guest: Vinnie Jones

It wouldn’t be Holiday Ops without a new celebrity guest!

As shown during the unveiling video (above), Vinnie Jones will be joining the game this year, including his own unique commander, decals, 2D styles, and more.

As with previous years’ guests, Vinnie brings with him a set of Assignments and Challenge Missions to complete:

  • 20 Assignments, which require Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron to complete, and will yield permanent bonuses with each assignment completed. Furthermore, two sets of unique decals and two unique 2D styles can be received, with one of each being unlocked for every 5 assignments completed:
    • The bonus to credits applies to all vehicles in the game, including Premium and rental ones, until the end of Holiday Ops on January 8, 2024, at 7:00 CET (UTC+1).
    • Bonuses to XP also apply until the end of the event, but only one bonus can be active. By default, the bonus to Combat XP will be selected. You can change the type of active bonus to XP at any time in your Village. Active bonuses to XP apply to all vehicles in the game except Premium and rental ones.
  • 28 total Challenge Missions will be available to complete, with one unlocking per-day starting from the first day of Holiday Ops 2024. Each mission will have its own rewards, including Gift Terminal tokens, selectable discounts for tech tree vehicles, additional decals, inscriptions, a third unique Vinnie-themed 2D style, and Vinnie Jones himself as a commander with unique voiceover (as well as a commemorative medal, of course).

    • In case you don’t like the conditions of a Challenge Mission, you will receive one (1) conditional replacement per-day. These can be used for any mission in the series, and unused replacements stack (meaning if you save them, you can reroll more-than-once).

Vinnie’s voiceover (along with his 2D styles) can be previewed on the official guide page (under the “Holiday Ops Challenge: Missions From Vinnie Jones” section):

Holiday Ops Store

Upon unlocking Festive Atmosphere Level X, you will gain access to the Holiday Ops Store, which will allow you to receive any customization bundles which you may have missed from previous years (2018 through 2023, including Bro-Wards and Redshire Cat’s items from 2023)! These will be available to unlock using resources, and the more collection items you have from any given year, the more discounted the rest will become.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only purchase customizations that you did not receive in previous years.

Gift Terminal

The “beloved” Gift Terminal has returned this year — albeit, this time, it does NOT appear there will be any vehicle to agonize over in the pool of rewards. So, now, it’ll just be for some nice free things, rather than a sulkfest when you don’t receive a vehicle (since there is none this time).

Tokens can be received in the following manners:

  • Reaching certain Festive Atmosphere Levels in your Village
  • Completing Missions From Vinnie (one Token per mission)
  • Spending 2,000 of any Holiday Ops resource, available if:
    • Festive Atmosphere Level is X
    • All 20 of Vinnie’s Assignments have been completed

One Token will bring you a single random gift from the following pools:

Regular gifts (drop rate 91%):

  • Free XP
  • Demounting Kits
  • Credits
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to credits for 1 hour
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to XP for 1 hour
  • Garage slot
  • Large Repair Kit
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Random directive for crew
  • Random directive for equipment
  • Training Booklet (random nation)

Rare gifts (drop rate 9%):

  • Components for Experimental Equipment
  • Experimental Equipment: Fire-Control System
  • Experimental Equipment: Mobility Improvement System
  • Experimental Equipment: Survival Improvement Suite

Large Boxes 2024

As with previous years’ boxes, each Large Box is guaranteed to have 250 gold, as well as 150 random Holiday Ops resources + 50 resources corresponding to the box type. Furthermore, from every box, you may obtain:

  • Additional gold
  • Credits
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Redshire Cat
  • Unique standard decorations
  • A Tier VIII or IX Premium vehicle (with four brand-new ones on the list)
  • A Tier II–V vehicle
  • A 3D style for a Tier IX or X vehicle (there are five new ones and five from last year)

More details on this year’s contents will be published in a separate article.

Additionally, the Advent Calendar will be returning this year, with free gifts including at least one Large Box:

Advent Calendar: Get A Large Box for Free!

The Advent Calendar offers daily gifts and—for the first time—a free Large Box! From December 1 through December 25, log in to World of Tanks daily and claim your free rewards—they’re all waiting for you! If you miss one or more days, the next time you log in, you can still redeem the reward from the previous day in addition to that day’s gift. Claim your Advent Calendar gifts a total of 12 times during the Advent Calendar period and you’ll receive one Large Box as a special bonus!

It is unknown whether the vehicle sales which made up the Advent Calendars of previous years will return.

As a final note (for now), the Winter Arcade Cabinet will make a return during the final weekend of the event, featuring both Snowballs and Ice Age.

Holiday Ops 2024 begins this Friday, 1 December 2023 and, according to the dates given for the sale of Large Boxes, will last until Sunday, 7 January 2024. Get ready for the festivities, and have a happy holiday season this year!

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