World of Warships – Schuka-Class Submarine V Type

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As you might all remember, I’ve published a few pictures of an upcoming Submarine, still unsure if this will actually be in the as part of the April Fools or not. Today Wargaming shared a few pictures of it, so I could almost say we will see this in the game.


World of Warships – Alabama Armour Changes More Info

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Got a more detailed information about the Alabama armour changes:

Main belt Armor

  • In 0.6.2 the lower belt used an average thickness of 184 mm
  • In it will be divided into 3 sections: 274 mm / 168 mm / 60 mm.


  • Version 0.6.2: the volume above engine compartment deck is citadel.
  • Version the volume above engine compartment deck is casemate.
  • This puts the layout closer to re-searchable North Carolina and will result in less citadel damage to the ship.

World of Warships – Alabama Armour Changed

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World of Warships has been released today to fix the armour issue with the Alabama. Here’s the official patch notes and a video shared by Danny_202 where you can see the changes.

Changes and Fixes

  • Adjusted settings for American battleship Alabama currently in testing by developers and supertesters. The ship is not available for purchase, but players may see her in battles.

Alabama Armour Changes

World of Warships 0.6.3 PT – French Cruisers – In Game Pictures

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For those who haven’t seen the French Cruisers, or for the ones who can’t/don’t want to download 0.6.3 Public Test, I’ve taken a few print screens of all French Cruisers. Remember, these are not coming on 0.6.3, they will most likely hit the game on 0.6.4.

Tier I – Bougainville

Tier II – Jurien De La Gravière

Tier III – Friant

Tier IV – Duguay-Trouin

Tier V – Émile Bertin

Tier VI – La Galissonnière

Tier VII – Algérie

Tier VIII – Charles Martel

Tier IX – Saint-Louis

Tier IX – Henri IV

World of Warships 0.6.3 PT – List of Changes

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Thanks to Jacquesbsj for sharing this on Reddit, here’s a list of changes on 0.6.3 compared to 0.6.2. Please note, French Cruisers were added only for Preview, they are not coming on 0.6.3.

World of Warships 0.6.3 Changes

  • French cruiser line added
  • Italian premium cruiser added (Duca d’Aosta)
  • Grozovoy reload buffed from 5 to 4.2s
  • Tier 11 submarine (Shchuka) added (that’s for the event)

Range Changes

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