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TDB Home » Supertest: AEC Armoured Car, Tier V British Wheeled Medium [13 Jul ’23]

Supertest: AEC Armoured Car, Tier V British Wheeled Medium [13 Jul ’23]

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The last two vehicles from the upcoming British line of wheeled mediums have arrived, including two historically-recognizable vehicles! Finishing off with the tier 5:

VI 🇬🇧:MT:AEC Armoured Car

The AEC Armoured Car is a Tier V British wheeled medium tank. It is armed with a 57 mm gun that reloads in 2.8 seconds. Its standard shell penetrates 121 mm of armor, while its special shell penetrates 180 mm of armor. The damage per shot is 90 HP. The dispersion is 0.39 m, and the aiming time is 2 s. The vehicle’s total durability is 580 HP. Its top forward speed is 60 km/h, while its specific power is 20.7 hp/t. Its view range is 350 m.

Brief Historical Background

As mentioned in our initial coverage of the branch, this vehicle is notably regarded as one of the most heavily-armored/armed armored cars of WWII. Compared to tracked vehicles of its time, it may appear somewhat unimpressive in these regards; however, as far as wheeled vehicles went, the AEC Armoured Car stacked up impressively to other 4×4 vehicles! The AEC Armoured Car is represented in-game (in its top configuration) as the Mk. II, which fielded a 6-pdr (57 mm) gun in a relatively-large, heptagonal turret. For more historical info, check out Tanks Encyclopedia’s article on the AEC Armoured Car!

Image credit: Rickard, J (30 August 2019), AEC Armoured Car Mk.II from the right

WoT Express has published some early in-game previews of the vehicle (shown in top configuration, with SD textures):

As a reminder, this vehicle will branch off from the tier 5 Covenanter light tank. It is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000-15,000 XP to unlock, so if you want to get a headstart on the branch before it comes out, start banking up XP on the Covenanter!

This vehicle, along with the rest of the British wheeled mediums, is slated to arrive with Update 1.22 sometime in August/September 2023. Stay tuned!

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