Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 21

Hello everyone,

Today we have got a surprise for the Advent Calendar, the KV-122. For those who don’t know what tank is it, it’s just the old KV-1S but revamped for Tier VII with a 122mm gun. You can get the KV-122 with a Garage Slot, 8,250 Gold, 15 missions for 5x XP for a Victory and 30 personal reserves +100% Crew XP for two hours for only €49.99… Yeah, expensive for a Tier VII tank that no one could test before it was made available. If you just want the tank, you can get the KV-122 with a garage slot for €23.20. Is worth it? I can’t really tell you if it is or not. It should be a decent tank if it was Tier VI, but that gun against Tier IX? I’m not so sure.


Circon Review


World of Tanks – T34 Shadow Available on NA Server

Hello everyone,

The American Premium heavy tank T34 Shadow is now available on the NA Server. It’s available in bundles and from what I could find there isn’t anything else special about it, other than the black paint job.

T34 Shadow Loaded – $70.00

  • T34 B
  • Slot
  • Gold: 500
  • Bonus Premium Account: 7
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer

T34 Shadow Ultimate – $99.98

  • T34 B
  • Slot
  • Gold: 5,000
  • Credits: 2,000,000
  • Bonus Premium Account: 30
  • Bonus Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

World of Tanks Console – Captured KV-1

Hello everyone,

Two days ago the XBox One Store had a sale and a mysterious Premium Captured KV-1 showed up for sale. Problem was: it was a mistake. Wargaming seems to have released the tank by mistake and it was available for about an hour, meaning some players were able to get their hands on it and now have an exclusive tank in their garage.

From what I’ve read this tank is actually able to train both German and Russian crews, which would be the first one to ever do this. The only tank that can do this is a T-34-88, rare tank already in the game. (Thanks to Robert for the update) . There are a couple of captured tanks in the PC version, like the SU-85i and SU-76i, but they don’t allow players to train both German and Russian crews. Maybe we will have this in the future?

World of Tanks – Black Friday Tanks

Hello everyone,

First of all thanks to Dom1n for sending me this over email. Now, back to the Black Friday, seems its not going to be an exclusive just for consoles and we are getting at least three tanks in black also: T34, IS6- and Mutz. These tanks were introduced with today’s Micro Patch, meaning they will be available soon. No other details have been leaked yet, so I don’t know if these tanks will have some kind of special XP/credit earning rate like the Console ones.


On the other hand, Console Black Friday Tanks weren’t received very well because of their price. Wargaming now decided to cut the prices down, offering bigger discounts to the players:

  • Back in Black Mega Bundle: 35% Off
  • Back in Black Ultimate Bundle: 30% Off
  • Back in Black Duo (I, II, III) Bundles: 20% Off
  • Individual Black Edition Tank Bundles: 15% Off

But Wargaming is not very good at doing things correctly sometimes, and even with these discounts the prices are not very appealing. Further more, some tanks are more expensive with the discounts, than they were before, example being the STA-2 cost was 7,400 Gold and got the price increased to 8,700 Gold, now with the discount it costs 7,800 Gold. Wargaming did admit the original prices were a mistake, but if this is true, why instead of keeping them and actually benefiting the players, did they change them? It’s not like they need to produce the tanks, so there isn’t any costs in manufacturing, meaning Wargaming would never make a loss on this.

Let’s just hope that in the PC we don’t have absurd prices for tanks painted in black… But my hopes are very low.