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Is Wargaming destroying World of Tanks?

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World of Tanks is my go-to game since Closed Beta way back in September 2010. I have never played a game for such a long time and the reasons for that are because I love tanks, the game was fun, challenging and Wargaming seemed to care about the game.  During these eight long years I was able to see World of Tanks rising from a “white logo branded t-shirt game at Tankfest” to the marketing monster it is today, but two questions keep hovering my head for the last two years: Has the game improved or did it get worse? And if it got worse, who is to blame?

How I feel about World of Tanks.

Ever since I’ve become a Community Contributor, I had the opportunity on many occasions to talk with the developers, and I tried to explain what I thought the game was becoming, what my pains as a player were, what EU and NA communities complain about and why there is a general feeling World of Tanks isn’t going in the right direction for a long time.

Unfortunately, nothing much happens from any feedback, being mine or from any other Community Contributors. Of course, I’m not just talking about the feedback we give when we have to review a new Premium tank, but all feedback we give when we have meetings at Tankfest or other events when we go to visit their offices or even at the online Q&A we used to do. We all understand the game isn’t ours, that ultimately Wargaming is who decides what its best for the game and they can’t just give in to all our feedback/demands, but there’s a constant not listening feeling we get or as Wargaming recently told us: “You don’t see the whole picture.

These words made me take a step back and start looking to the game with contempt, a game I’m supposed to be passionate about. I used to love playing World of Tanks, but now I have this hatred feeling for it, I have no fun at all grinding any new tank or even playing any tank in general and there is only one responsible for it – Wargaming, the creator of World of Tanks is, in my opinion, destroying its own game.

Time for a change.

Jordan Peterson wrote in his latest book, “12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos”, something I always believed and my grandfather taught to me when I was young: Rule 9: Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t. Now you might ask, what can a book from a Canadian clinical psychologist and a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and my grandfather have to do with all this?

Well, if you look at Peterson words, you will see Wargaming developers are not following Rule 9. Wargaming developers assume they know everything as if they have the whole picture in front of them and anyone who makes a comment about their work, is either wrong or against them. But are we? Maybe, just maybe, we all gave clear signs that we already know more about the game than the Developers think we do, and there are plenty of examples to give.

For example, let’s us just have a look precisely twelve months ago, when Object 268 v4 was already being tested behind closed doors and many, if not all, Community Contributors took to Wargaming and said: the tank is broken and overpowered. Their response was as expected: “You have never played the vehicle, you do not know how it will do on the live server.”. But shortly after it was released, the tank was dominating the battlefields wreaking havoc everywhere it would be and a lot of players just decided to take a break from the game. As usual, it took six months to get it sorted and by then the damage was done.

Let’s take it a step further, Type 5 Heavy, how long has this specific vehicle been tormenting the lives of so many players? Let’s take it another one, SPG reworks, how did Wargaming fix the issue? They tested one, let that number sink in, one new mechanic/version of the SPG’s and released it to the live server. I could go on, but I think you now understand my point.

The reason why I’ve decided to write this article it’s because I wanted to share a video with you from Will “Quickbaby” Frampton, the number one Community Contributor in World of Tanks EU. Even if you aren’t a fan of his content, give it a view because he hit the nail with this video.

In short, Wargaming has made the last two years a disaster for World of Tanks, the game is far worse than it was before and if the community doesn’t take a stand for it, I fear we won’t have a game to play in a few years and it will just get worse and worse.

Let me know your thoughts, what you dislike the most about the game and what would you do to fix it?

123 thoughts on “Is Wargaming destroying World of Tanks?

  1. They totally killed the game.
    I loved it back when arty could 1 hit me.
    There were only a few OP and P2W stuffs.
    Now the mm sucks, the HD maps sucks, arty sucks, tank sucks.

  2. i don’t like the constant power creep with new vehicles – the new ones are always just a little better than older ones
    (played a round with my “newly buffed” KV-5 and had to face a defender – you all can imagine how much chance and fun i had vs this thing)
    i don’t like the fact, that they try to fix tier 8 tanks vs tier 10 tanks and totally forgett about the tier 6 tanks (and so on)
    i don’t like the fact, that most tanks became complete useless until they are fully teched out (forced to free xp or prem mun all the time)
    i don’t like the fact that you have less chance vs a strong grinding player if you are a casual player – for example crew skills (i became a casual player because at some time i lost the fun – and recognised all the other fun games on my pc)
    -> claus kellermann did a good video about the fact how a tank with a stock crew and no consumables vs a full teched crew an premium consumables competes
    i don’t like the fact that there are WW2 tanks fighting vs post war (1960s) tanks

    i think thats enough for now – could write way more

  3. I have a few notions about WoT. Based on no clear knowledge of where the reality for WoT/WG actually is:

    1) Life Cycle
    Video games have a natural lifespan, as players move on to newer/different games. The longevity of WoT is pretty impressive, in that it has survived for as long as it has. Pretty sure I saw a post a ways back that assessed where WoT was in the life-cycle and maybe WG feel the game is in the latter part of life (decline) & are just interested in generating income while they still can. The best way to finagle a few more bucks is to release the “next big thing”, a better/stronger/faster/OP-er (#newWord) tank.

    2) WG’s key market
    The focus of changes to WoT possibly focuses on WG’s primary market (in their eyes). The effect on other/peripheral markets aren’t of interest. Particularly as the balance of income is likely shifting from the original “cash cow” servers towards the RU market as that society becomes more affluent. Does the RU server population feel the game is as broken as everyone else does?

    3) Just too broken?
    I’m not sure that the game can be fixed. If we assume WG don’t want to risk a lawsuit by making substantive changes to bought-for-real-money premium tanks. This then becomes the anchor around which any revisions must be made. Rather than taking a clean sheet approach to “rewriting the rules” of WoT all WG can/want to do is tweak the odd bit here & there.

    Just a few musings

    1. Life Cicly is bulls*** man.
      Other games with the same age still rocking out there.

  4. Sorry if this has been earlier, but I tell couple of things, that couses most of my troubles:
    I do not have premium tanks, except those that have chance to get free from missions, etc.
    With regular tanks If i play Tier VI, I get Tier VI-VIII matches, if I play tier VIII, I get Tier VIII-X matches, this happens 9times out of ten. I do not believe that it is only my bad luck, I think game let it happen, because I do not have premium tanks.
    I hope fair battles, that I FEEL, i have a role to make my side to win. Ok, I do understand that there is VI against VIII, but it should be divided, that if I play 40 matches with VI, i´ll get 10 matches with IV/V/VI, 10 with V/VI/VII, 10 with only VI and 10 with VI/VII/VIII
    now it is something 5 other and 35 with VI/VII/VIII and it makes me angry, I can´t do much with my VI, when there are VIII coming through. And when winning the round gives most of the credits, It is only luck, if I´m on winning side.
    Really hard to grind my tanks better.
    I had these rental premium VIII tanks, and somehow then i get more battles with VI and VII, and that proved it is not my bad luck, but wot gives you better MM when you have premium tanks, and that is sad.
    Best games are those that people who wants to play without money gets equal “rights” among the paying players, and that is what WOT is not.

    1. “I think game let it happen, because I do not have premium tanks”

      Dude! I have 60 premium/reward/gift tanks in my garage & get exactly the same issue. As do players with WAY more prem tanks. If you take a moment to check everyone is getting screwed over by MM, particularly in tier 8.

    2. I think he might be referring to the pref MM that some older tanks receive.

  5. WoT PC is a campfest and deserves to die. Play Blitz, it’s much more fun, and the future.

    1. World of tanks blitz got a new 5.5 update ohh you wondering what they added? Glad you ask it was nothing like 2 tanks in tech tree AND 9 tank premium yeah PREMIUM! removed “old” tier 1 tanks and they are just going to kill this game too soon yeah I’ma go play war thunder now byr 😉

    2. Umm, no.

      I have no intention of buying a purchasing a console, never will.

    3. Scott,
      World of Tanks Blitz is on mobile devices, not on consoles, that would be World of Tanks Mercenaries.

  6. I left wot when the went from two to one servers in NA. They kept promising they would make it work, though it was physically impossible. The lag made it totally useless in CA. Don’t know or care if they ever fixed, have now moved to the midwest, but don’t care to even see if it runs here after all their lies.

  7. Do you think all of these changes have facilitated all of those 15-0 or 15-2 (one-sided matches) that are very often nowadays?

    To me, the meta is way too different that a single player’s impact is often ditched by the aggressiveness of both teams trying to lemming rush each other.

  8. I think that if they changed matchmaking to +1MM and allowing only 1 arty per team that is forced to carry half of its loadout as smokegrenades with same reward-functions as in Frontline should have been inplemented a long time ago.

    1. This is exactly what I have been saying, less arty (one per battle per side)and better MM based on players stats rather than tank type.

      Want varied games? Do not balance match ups based on tank type but rather stats. Who cares if it is 5 HT vs 5 TD’s if the skill level is similar the battles will be closer and less predictable.

      Change the price of premium ammo so that it is much more expensive. 10k silver or 200g per shot makes it expensive. Perhaps ban it until tier 9 also.

      Stop seal clubbers from playing in tiers 1 through 5 against noobs. WG is already discussing bots in these levels so why not give noobs the chance to play without being instantly obliterated. They do it to an extend on WoWarships, why not here?

      Build a rental system where players can rent tanks rather than just buy them. $5 per week would entice people (like me) to try our a tank before we buy it. Make 1 tank from each class available each week.

      Sell and rent tier X premiums. I would make them less powerful than tier 10 regular tanks and let them only play in Tier X battles including strongholds/advancements etc. This lets players play top level without grinding for weeks to play with already established players.

    2. with skilled based mm it would take forever to get into a game and players would reroll their accounts cause they’d rather win than play it straight up. overwatch has skill mm and these are the problems they have

  9. Main subject is mm system. Pref. mm tanks are killed. Look at my stats, I always have to play with high tiers. Second biggest problem is P2W. Gold spammers are everywhere. I bought a pre tank but couldnt earn enough money. Make a contest and give a pre tank then everything solved? I really hate playing sometimes.

  10. People forget how unbalanced the teams are regarding players’ skill. Install xvm then use wn8 or even PR and you’ll see that one team gets better player than the other team. You can guess the results. Almost every game is decided the second the MM finishes assembling the teams.

    1. I do not agree. I have XVM installed, including the WN8-based win-chance calculator, and it is very often between 45 and 55%. Also, I think that skill-based MM will only cause more issues. Imagine that you have QuickyBaby in his Tiger II vs the Skorpion G. If you thow class-based MM out the window you end up with way more issues that you had before.
      I think the one-sided roffl-stomps are due to the increased pace of the game compared to a few years ago – higher dpm, higher power2weight, higher top speed, higher view range. All these things make that when a team has a 1 tank advantage at a certain point on the map, they can exploit it very quickly. When they then have the momentum, they can just steamroll the opponent. There is just not enough time to react to the threat, as everything is much more fast-paced.

  11. Hark, keep fighting for us brother!

    As regular players we are voiceless except through CC like you! Thank you for being a voice, even if you are being marginalized by WG.

    Fight like a Pz.1c vs a Type 5 heavy.

  12. Quickybaby made a pretty good point towards the end of the video. I dont think Wargamming will make any changes unless the Russians (77% player base) call for the changes and force them to change. I agree with you Harkonnen. How do we do it. We have to get the Russian players and communities on board. They’ll get the message when the majority are saying it. Not the minority.

  13. How long do you think this game will be around, 20 more years? WG has made the decision to milk the game by introducing more and more OP premiums to make MONEY that is OBVIOUS. Instead of the game maybe lasting 10 years, now it will be dead in 5. For WG, that is find because they will make more money in the 5 than the 10 so from their point of view it is a WIN/WIN.

  14. People have been saying that for years on the forum making post about it. But 90% of the responses are just laughs with counter arguments. Then when a CC posts the same ideas in a video. Then suddenly everyone that did counter argue now suddenly agrees. I find it hysterical.

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