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Tankfest 2018

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Tankfest, the biggest tank display in the World is almost here for its 2018 edition and I will be there! As per usual, Wargaming will be present and together with them, a big number of Community Contributors from all World of Tanks games will travel from all corners of the World to be there too!

This year promises to be one of the best Tankfest ever, with several new guest vehicles, some even never seen before in the Tank Museum! 2018 will bring the following guest vehicles to the arena:

  • Char B1, rare Second World War tank from the Musée des Blindés de Saumur. Brought in partnership between The Tank Museum and Tankfest sponsor World of Tanks.
  • Marder III and StuG III, both privately owned and restored vehicles will be running at Tankfest 2018.
  • Matilda II, the start vehicle having been in restoration for the past three years at The Tank Museum, it will be making its event debut at Tankfest 2018.
  • Renault FT-17 and TSF, magnificent vehicles recently restored to working conditions by The Weald Foundation, both will be rolling down the arena at Tankfest 2018.
  • IS-3 from The Belgian Royal Military Museum, for the first time ever in British territory this Soviet heavy tank will be on display and driving in the arena.

Just like last year, I’ll be going around the Museum during the displays and try to stream and share pictures as much as I can and this year I got my good friend Ben to help out so it will be easier to share content with you all. To make it simple and exclusive, I will be sharing pictures and videos on my brand new Instagram account, don’t forget to follow me there to not miss a thing! I will also be around Wargaming area, in the Vehicle Conservation Centre, if you are going to Tankfest and you want to meet you, don’t be shy and say hello! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there and maybe even give you something to remember me by…

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  1. Thanks a lot Harkonnen! Was nice meeting you. Sorry I couldn’t spend too long in the WG area as I’ve tried to see everything but it seemed fun. Hope you had a great weekend too and good luck with future events!

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