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Pagan Online: New aRPG from Wargaming

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Wargaming has announced Pagan Online, an intense aRPG of pre-biblical proportions that puts players against hordes of savage enemies and ancient vengeful gods, from the developers at Mad Head Games. In Pagan Online, players will battle through a demonic dystopia based on pre-Christian mythology in a game that is equal parts brutal, manic, and mystical.

If you are one of the millions of fans of Diablo and you are looking for a new game, Pangan Online might be just game to keep an eye on. Pagan Online is a new take on hack-and-slash aRPGs, featuring challenging and fast-paced combat, powerful combatants, endless gear, and tons of gory glory.

A Classic Dungeon Crawler

Following in the footsteps of classic dungeon crawlers while tearing down and reinventing gameplay into a MOBA-style combat experience, this game will have MOBA players begging for one more run and RPG disciples wondering what just hit them.

“Mad Head Games are passionate, talented, and have a ‘go broke’ mentality to do whatever it takes to make their game as awesome as it can be,” said Jacob Beucler, Product Director, Wargaming. “We’ve taken Mad Head under our wing because this mentality reminds us of the early days at Wargaming when we put everything we had on the line to launch World of Tanks. Pagan Online is one of Wargaming’s most exciting opportunities yet—we’re helping bring these devs’ passion and skill to PC gamers everywhere.” 

“With Pagan Online we’ve modernized how combat in a top-down action RPG works, taking cues from MOBAs to create something that’s fast-paced, overwhelming with enemies, and super challenging,” said Uros Banjesevic, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mad Head Games. “It’s a thrill to finally be able to share this game, the product of our blood, sweat, and tears, with the world!”

In Pagan Online, players will engage in intense and strategic sessions of carnage across a variety of environments. Missions are highly replayable, with numerous game modes and difficulty levels on top of a lengthy single-player mode that will be continuously updated with episodic content expansions called “Battle Chapters”.

Prepare yourself for the Trials

Whether players are interested in mowing down enemies with ease, testing their mettle with brutally maleficent mayhem, or competing with friends for bragging rights, Pagan Online offers a sadistic spectrum of challenges to overcome. The game will launch on PC in 2019, and registration for pre-launch tests known as Trials is now open at

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15,466 thoughts on “Pagan Online: New aRPG from Wargaming

  1. Mad Head is apparently a Serbian studio, but I haven’t really heard anything else about them so far. The trailer doesn’t really give any information about the game, but based on the description this sounds like a RPG/Moba hybrid. Looks like Wargaming are trying to get into a market that is already crowded with a lot of other highly finished products. Excuse my scepticism, but at this point I wouldn’t be too sure that Mad Head don’t end up like Gas Powered Games.

  2. On a contrary, I think it’s a nice move. It doesn’t say ANYTHING about it being any close to MOBAs. It seems like Diablo-like online game, probably f2p. And considering that Blizzard incredibly messed up with it’s new Diablo game, this is not a bad time for WG to push out something like this.

  3. Exactly. When I first heard about the game I was asked “Do you like Diablo?”. I haven’t seen gameplay yet, but from what I gathered is a mix of that with other titles. So could be a good opportunity for WG to pull those Diablo fans over to a new game. Of course it will never replace it, but its a share of the market WG might win if they do it right.

  4. Russian Diablo was made like 10 years ago. This is made bu some murican producer who sees a good opportunity.

  5. Considering its described as an aRPG which stands for Action RPG that leads me to believe its going to be a third person RPG with an active combat system likely similar to some more modern MMORPGs.

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