World of Tanks Q&A with DelhRoh #2

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Big thanks to our good friends from Reporte De Batalla for translating and sharing this information with us. Another small Q&A with DelhRoh from Wargaming Europe Spain.

Source: Reporte de Batalla

Q: We know that in the 9.18 Update crews will move with the tanks. “Fully-trained crews will be transferred back to the Barracks and re-trained to 100% for a new Tier.” But what happens if we don’t have enough bunks in our Barracks?

A: Crew will be moved to Barracks anyway.

Q: Taking into account the changes in penetration and the loss of HEAT/AP shells for the SPGs, why the 105 leFH18B2 and the Sexton didn’t change their parameters? Is it just because of the WG policy that prohibits to nerf premium vehicles (well, at least without a proper compensation)? Or there’s another reason? In any case, won’t that make them a bit OP?

A: We didn’t want to make any changes to premium vehicles.

Q: Do you perceive that the Stun mechanic is well-accepted in the forums?

A: This question is really hard to answer. Feedback from players is mixed, some players appreciate the SPG changes some not. From feedback of NA server, we found out that feedback changed to positive after couple days of update being live. Gameplay of SPG is now more enjoyable for SPG players and it’s less harming for players on the other side.

Q: Don’t you think you over-nerfed the AMX ELC bis? Same goes for the SP I C.

A: You have to take in count that the light tanks can be now the top tiers. Compared to old stats yes, they might seem over-nerfed, but due to all changes their performance should be in balance.

Q: I know it’s too early to tell anything like this, but would you consider eliminating the SPGs from the game if the new mechanics and limitations prove to fail?

A: We can never say never. But for now, we are not thinking about removing the SPG from the game.

Q: Aren’t you afraid that the players will start to camp even more with the new mechanics for the artillery?

A: No. The damage factor was always the biggest part of “fear factor” of SPG. Now you can easily get back into the battle after getting hit by SPG due to lower damage and reusable consumables.


World of Tanks 9.19 Supertest Details

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And it seems the dates weren’t wrong after all, World of Tanks Update 9.19 has been announced today and more details about it have been shared by Wargaming. Here’s what we got in the official portal.

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles is a 15v15 mode exclusive to Tier X vehicles, where the first team to eliminate the opposition or capture their base secures victory. Basically, the setup is the same as Random Battles. And that’s where the similarity ends. Ranked Battles is all about individual results. Your ultimate goal here is to put on a stellar individual performance to climb the ladder, earning ranks and rewards along the way. Unlike Random Battles, your success depends directly on your, not your team’s, results. The more successful you are in battle, the higher your rank in a special Random Battles ladder.

Matchmaking. The matchmaker puts you in a team with players whose rank is similar to yours (±1). It will also create a team of comparable skill for you to compete against. Just as with Random Battles, if getting a ±1 match would take too long, the matchmaker will loosen its restrictions a bit to get you in a battle quickly. The two teams will always have the same number of players with any given rank. Simply put, you play alongside tankers of similar ranking and have competition to match. The higher your rank, the higher the competition that you face.

If you’re looking for a little extra information on the way the matchmaker works, check out the dedicated article.

Progression. Getting in the Top 12 by XP on the winning team earns you a chevron, taking you a step closer toward earning a new rank. So does getting in the Top 3 on the losing team. The 1st rank will cost you just one chevron, and the higher you climb, the more chevrons it takes you to progress.

For Supertest, the number of chevrons between ranks was reduced to shorten the leveling process, which should help us collect substantial feedback on overall progression.

Upon reaching the 1st and 5th ranks, you progress is saved so you don’t have to start the grind all over if you end up losing a few battles. On top of that, after you reach the 5th rank you get an option to prove your skill on a certain Tier X vehicle by leveling it to the max. The rules remain the same: participate in Ranked Battles in this tank, and the better your individual performance, the faster you progress. Just one exception here: the number of vehicle ranks isn’t limited.

Timeline. Ranked Battles are divided into seasons. The first season will consist of four 7-day stages. When a new stage begins, rank leveling is reset to the beginning. The progress achieved by the end of day 7 is included in the leaderboard. When the season ends, your results over the last 28 days are totaled and you receive rewards, depending on your final standing.

Economy. Along with the usual earnings per battle, you will get bonuses (Credits, consumables, and Personal Reserves) for reaching a new rank and fulfilling the special combat mission, exclusive to Ranked Battles. At the end of a season, you receive a certain amount of an all-new in-game currency, Bonds, which can’t be bought with Credits or Gold. Bonds can buy new consumables and Personal Reserves that significantly boost Crew skills and vehicle parameters. The higher your score for the season, the more Bonds you earn.

In 9.19, Ranked Battles will be the only way to acquire Bonds. Going forward, we’re planning to add other ways to earn them in-game.

Interface Improvements

We’ve been keeping an eye on your input and suggestions since we last rolled out a bunch of changes to various aspects of UI in 9.17.1. Now we’re excited to brief you on another round of improvements developed from your feedback. Starting in 9.19, you can get a full breakdown of missions, events, and Premium Shop special offers:

  • The “Strategic Operations” tab informs you on all battle missions available for the vehicles you have in the Garage.
  • The “Tactical Operations” tab features a complete list of ongoing specials, events, and missions (chained missions will be brought together for easier navigation).
  • If you want to get up to speed with sets of events and operations (marathons, etc), the third new tab will have full info on them.

The new “Specials” tab in the Store window will brief you on all special offers and sales currently available in the game. There you can browse through tabs with various specials.

All of these changes are designed to make in-game navigation more intuitive and effective. We’ll continue making adjustments based on your suggestions, so please keep your thoughts coming in!

We’re excited about the new elements you’ll find in 9.19, the most significant of them being Ranked Battles, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them. Head over to the forums if you’re looking to discuss 9.19, and stay tuned for further details about improvements and the new things it will bring.

World of Tanks 9.18 – 13vs13 Battles Bug?

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Russian players have been reporting 13vs13 battles and it seems to be happening quite often. Wargaming is already investigating the issue as this wasn’t an intentional change.

FromKONI: How did it make sense to change the format of 15vs15, making it 13 vs 13 did it get anything with this?

unball: We are already looking into why 13vs13 battles are happening.

If you get any 13vs13 battles, please do let me know in the comments section, but this should be fixed quickly. I didn’t get any reports yet from EU or NA Servers that this is happening, so it could be an isolated issue for the Russian Server, but this isn’t confirmed yet.

Source: World of Tanks Russian Forum

Update #1

Thank you for everyone who replied here and on Facebook. It seems it happening on all Servers, and NA had the issue since 9.18 was released but it was overlooked because everyone thought it could be related to low population issues.

Turns out it’s not and it’s happening across all servers and tiers. I had confirmation from Ph3lan that Wargaming is looking into this issue, so we should have a fix soon.

World of Warships Sub_Octavian Asia Q&A

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Sub_Octavian is also doing a Q&A in World of Warships Asia Forums, amazing how he can manage so many different Q&A’s and provide so much information. World of Tanks need someone like him to get more information in English, not just the usual translations from Russian Forums and sources.

Please note some of these questions look like the player used Google Translate to communicate in English, so don’t notice some of strange the grammar.

Q: When is the balance of CVs going to change? I believe IJN CVs have more advantages than USN CVs at least in 0.6.4.

A: Working on CVs is a challenging task. On the one hand, many things seem to be needing complete rework. On the other hand, the community tend to hate any global changes, and rough changes are not desirable. Balancing CVs are a part of the bigger task – of making CV class better and more friendly to players as a whole. I cannot tell you any ETA, but surely I can tell we are working on it and plan to improve CV experience.

Q: How has the fighter ammo buff from patch 0.6.0 affected the performance and success rates of fighters against targets of all kinds (clicking, strafing, spotting, etc) and air superiority loadouts? It has been 4 patches already, surely there should be data available on whether the buff has achieved its intended purpose (“buffing USN CVs, especially the less skillful part of playerbase”). If possible, can you disclose how each server (ASIA, EU, NA, RU) is affected by this buff?

A: It affected the balance in a positive way, but we don’t consider impact to be too big. Seems like a comfortability buff, mostly.

Q: How has the “exit strafe” addition affected the game? Personally, the Saipan has become extremely (read: overly) powerful in contesting the air, perhaps a nerf of some sort should be introduced? Maybe consuming more ammo per exit strafe (say, 1.5x-2x the normal strafe ammo cost) JUST for the Saipan so it cannot just spam strafes left and right? I know that for other CVs, you can also pull off some really excellent strafes, but at a higher cost.

A: It added a new trick to master, and we currently don’t see any problems with Saipan. No changes are planned.

Q: Did WG consider on lowering the bloom time for DDs? Currently its like 20secs iirc. This is same with the BBs and CAs. Sometimes after engaging DD in a knife fight. Due to good range of guns means it will get detected at max range. And in 20secs. Chance of detonating or getting devastate is 50-50. So i was wondering when removing the invisifire. Did the dev came across this matter?

A: Yes we did, as this was quite popular suggestion. Eventually, we are not going to reduce the bloom time – the timer is here for a reason. It prevents ships from constantly “blinking” in and out, which may be quite frustrating. However, we may increase this timer for battleships – still thinking it over.

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World of Tanks 9.18 Hits EU Server

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Finally the Update 9.18 hits the EU Server, meaning it’s the end of SPG Reign of Terror… Jokes aside, please do remember, play for as long as you can, try to get used to and try to test the new mechanics and Matchmaker before you go on a rant rampage. In my opinion it’s an update that should have come a long time ago, but it’s going to take some time to get used to it.

There will also be a micro patch that is coming to all Servers as soon as they have Update 9.18 and here’s what is going to change:

Patch notes:

The matchmaking mechanics were adjusted as follows:

  1. The top tier of three-tier battles will comprise the same number of tank destroyers, SPGs, and light tanks (of both Platoon and solo players) in both teams. For each of these vehicle types, the number of vehicles will be the same in both teams (i.e. they will be treated separately). In addition, the top tier will comprise the same aggregate number of medium and heavy tanks in both teams, but these vehicle types will not be treated separately.
  2. The top tier of three-tier battles can have only one SPG.

World of Warships 0.6.5 – HMS Hood Campaign – Supertest Details #2

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More details about HMS Hood Campaign/Hunt for Bismarck event. Thanks to iBot4U2 for sending this over email.

  • As mentioned previously, the reward for each task is 2 ‘Campaign’ containers. Each containers gives:
    • 2x Collectables
    • 1-3x special signals (Dragon, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra, Pterosaurs) or 1x ‘The Hunter’ camouflage
  • ‘The Hunter’ camouflage isn’t permanent, can be applied to any ship and has the following bonuses:
    • -3% detectablity
    • +4% to enemy dispersion
    • +50% XP earned
    • +100% Commander XP earned
    • +20% Credits

Pictures of “The Hunter” Camouflage

World of Tanks – Frontline Developers Q&A

Hello everyone,

As you are aware, Wargaming was testing a new game mode called Frontline on the Sandbox Server. The test has ended on April 21, but Developers are currently answering players quite a lot of questions, so I’ve compiled all of them here so you can also get the latest information regarding the topic.

All answers were given by Kirill, Game Designer for Frontline Mode. Please note his English is not the best, so there might be a few things that aren’t perfect.

Q: At the moment there is no incentive to players so they actually play for the team. I like the new mode, it’s a big change from a Random Battle, but player mentality is still the same, if they are defending, just camp behind a bush and farm damage if they are attacking, just suicide rush the cap circle and die… How are you going to address these things?

A: About the mentality, thanks for your feedback, right we try to find the gameplay which allows players to rest from random battle, fill different experience, and before we will not be sure that we did it, we will not release this game mode.

Q: There is no coordination where players spawn, no warning one area is weaker than other, so players are free to just press one area and forget about others. Any plans to improve this?

A: About coordination, we will try to solve this problem with help of UI, and rank system.

Q: The game takes for ever to end, I enjoy WOT because I can play a Random Battle quickly, on average 7 minutes and I can either move to the next battle or just exit and go on with my normal life. With this mode, I was “stuck” in a game for over 25 minutes, and if I tried to leave, it would count as a warning because I’ve abandoned the battle. Do you believe players will actually enjoy the fact they are stuck for such a long time in a single battle?

A: About battle duration, we want that our players, who want play in frontline game mode, will be prepared for 25 – 30 minutes battle, and from our side, we are finding best options for that Continue reading