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TDB Home » Supertest: Type 68, Japanese Tier IX Tech Tree Heavy Tank [26 Oct ’23]

Supertest: Type 68, Japanese Tier IX Tech Tree Heavy Tank [26 Oct ’23]

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The second vehicle from the upcoming branch of Japanese heavy tanks arrived on Supertest this morning:

IX 🇯🇵Type 68

Additional Notes:

  • Standard accuracy (before cooling): 0.42 m
  • Depression/elevation with hydropneumatic suspension: -12/24 deg


Type 68 is a Japanese Tier IX heavy tank. Like the top-tier vehicle of its branch, this new Japanese brawler features new double-aiming mechanics, known as gun cooling. Depending on the combat situation, this feature allows you to choose the advantage of excellent damage per minute (2400 HP) at the cost of slightly compromised accuracy. Alternatively, you can choose to shoot less frequently but more accurately, dealing 400 HP of damage per shot.

Its standard shell penetrates 250 mm of armor, while its special shell penetrates 311 mm. The gun dispersion is 0.42 m before cooling, and 0.28 m after. The reload time is 10 s, and aiming time is 2.2 s.

The Type 68’s armor requires active use of terrain irregularities, as its hull with mediocre armor 80/70/30) is unable to effectively withstand enemy fire. However, its tough turret (300/80/40) effectively fulfills this role.

Similar to its Tier X counterpart, the Type 68 comes equipped with hydropneumatic suspension, which enhances its gun depression/elevation angles (–8/20 degrees) from good to excellent (–12/24 degrees). This feature will greatly assist you in fully utilizing the benefits of a well-armored turret when taking a hull-down position.

This vehicle is expected to arrive in January-February 2024, along with the rest of the new Japanese heavy tanks. Stay tuned for future news regarding this new branch!

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