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[UPDATED] Mirny-13: Lost Hope New 3D Styles Leaked, TITT Rozanov Confirmed!

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UPDATE (15 Oct): Some details have been updated, including the removal of the notes, as it has been confirmed that none of the following 3D styles come with activated lights (unlike the previous years’ styles). Furthermore, the section regarding the new premium tank has been updated with new + better previews from WoT Express.

Here are some extra-early sneak previews of the four new 3D styles coming with the upcoming launch of Mirny-13: Lost Hope!

XCenturion AX

VIII 🇫🇷Lynx 6×6

VIII 🇸🇪Bofors Tornvagn

And finally, the new tier 8 premium vehicle, which will be available to earn FOR FREE from the mode:

VIII TITT Rozanov Obsidian

Updated with new images from WoT Express:

And yes, that’s right — WoT Express has officially confirmed that the VIII TITT Rozanov (more specifically, a separate version of it known as the “Obsidian”) will be available as the main reward from the Mirny-13: Lost Hope mode!

For completing the “Mirny-13: Lost Hope” mode, you will be able to receive a new and unique premium VIII TITT Rozanova Obsidian for FREE. This is the first time that a lvl 8 premium tank has been issued in the “Mirny-13” mode.

To get the tank, you will need to collect decryption keys in battle. The keys will decipher memories and unlock films. For collecting all 15 films you will receive the VIII Obsidian.

In essence, completing the mode itself means winning all phases on all difficulties, so nothing has changed in this regard.

As mentioned in our previous article discussing Mirny-13: Lost Hope, the mode will launch this week, with a staggered launch for NA/EU/ASIA. Get ready to experience the final chapter of the Mirny-13 story, all the while earning yourself a new free premium tier 8!

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