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TDB Home » Supertest: AAT60, American Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank [19 Oct ’23]

Supertest: AAT60, American Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank [19 Oct ’23]

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A new tier 8 American premium medium tank arrived on Supertest this morning, which may be familiar to some players who play the game across multiple platforms:


The AAT60 is a Tier VIII American Premium medium with a low silhouette and good camo values. The AAT60 has adequate mobility (with a top speed of 44 km/h) and turret and hull traverse. Its 105 mm gun with one-time damage of 320 HP has good stabilization, DPM, armour penetration, and decent accuracy and aiming time.

The AAT60’s main drawback is its weak armour. You will be able to unlock the potential of this tank if you use cover and terrain folds wisely (a gun depression angle of –10° will help with the latter).

Vehicle Trivia – Of Numbers and

This vehicle may be familiar to some already, as this vehicle was introduced on WoT Console in July of this year (as a tier 9 premium tank destroyer rather than a tier 8 medium):

AAT60 in WoT Console

Perhaps more intriguingly, this vehicle appears to confirm a long-standing theory about the internal numbering scheme used on Console compared to the PC version.

In short, the format used for vehicles created with the intention of releasing on the PC version is generally somewhat sequential, starting with a letter and ending in 2-3 numbers (depending on what point in time it was conceived for, in relation to its corresponding in-game nation). For example, T1 Cunningham is internally labelled “A01_T1_Cunningham”, the American T34 is labelled as “A13_T34_hvy”, etc.

Meanwhile, vehicles created exclusively for the standard WW2 mode within the Console version of the game (NOT the separate Cold War/Modern Armor modes*) are generally pushed very far away from PC vehicles in the number sequence: for example, the Console-exclusive Centurion AVRE has the internal number “GB804“. For comparison, the current highest vehicle in the PC version’s internal numbering sequence for the UK is the FSV Scheme A, at “GB126“.

Henceforth, the AAT60 was a bit unusual to a few keen-eyed community members, since despite appearing to be a Console-exclusive vehicle upon its initial release, the Console version of the vehicle has the internal number “A155“. This slots it in between the M47 Patton Imp./Iron Arnie (A152) and the T54 Heavy (A156), likely meaning it started development for the PC version sometime around the same time as those two were conceived.

For a while, it was thought this vehicle might’ve been developed for the PC version. While some had originally speculated it may have been scrapped outside of Console, lo and behold, here we are!

As for why this is important, this has not only confirmed the long-standing theory about the internal numbering schemes used by these two versions of the game, but more notably, likely confirms several other theories regarding cut vehicles/branches (such as the Sturmtiger branch on Console). Furthermore, this could hint at another current Console exclusive, the French Projet Murat, possibly coming to the PC version at some point, as it falls into a similarly-vacant slot in the PC version’s vehicle numbering sequence (“F119”, putting it in between the Char mle. 75 [F118] and AMX 13 FL-11 [F124]). However, only time will tell whether the same will happen for that particular vehicle.

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Vehicles in the Cold War/Modern Armor modes on Console appear to use similar numbers to the PC version; however, this is because they are created separately from, and start again from 00 (for example, their FV101 Scorpion is labelled “GB03”, but this position is already occupied by the Cruiser Mk. I (GB03_Cruiser_Mk_I) in the standard game [WW2 mode on Console]’s sequence). Therefore, do not consider that a sign of any of those vehicles coming to PC — the above discussion specifically refers to vehicles in the standard game (WW2 mode on console).

It is not yet known where this vehicle will appear in the game. Stay tuned for more info!

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