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TDB Home » Supertest: BZ-72-1, Tier X Chinese Heavy Tank [12 Oct ’23]

Supertest: BZ-72-1, Tier X Chinese Heavy Tank [12 Oct ’23]

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A new tier 10 Chinese heavy tank with rocket boosters appeared on Supertest this morning.

X 🇨🇳BZ-72-1

The latest vehicle to enter the Supertest this week is the BZ-72-1, a Tier X Chinese heavy tank.

The vehicle is equipped with rocket boosters, features relatively strong armor, and mounts a powerful 130 mm gun that penetrates 260 mm of armor and deals 560 HP of damage. The BZ-72-1 also has a robust 900 h.p. engine and good maneuverability, which gives it the edge over its peers. The combination of mobility and rocket boosters allows this tank to quickly pass through dangerous parts of the battlefield and catch the enemy off guard by reaching combat areas.

The overall gameplay of the vehicle is geared towards quickly taking key points and engaging in positional combat from cover.

WoT Express has published some early in-game previews for this vehicle (shown with SD textures):

It has been speculated by some this vehicle could appear as a future Assembly Shop vehicle, but nothing about where it will appear in the game has been confirmed at this time (and it does seem like a bit of an odd choice for the Assembly Shop, given its recent history of introducing unique + interesting historical projects [i.e. Lion/Kpz. 07 P (E)]). Stay tuned for more info!

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