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World of Warships: Pan-Asia Destroyers Pictures

World of Warships Publishing Producer, Hisashi Yaginuma announced a complete branch of Pan-Asia Destroyers. from Tier I to X. These are still in pre-production but should come sometime soon into Supertest.

Tier I – Cheng An – Cruiser

Cheng An
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Tier II – Long Jiang

Long Jiang
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Tier III – Phra Ruang

Phra Ruang
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Phra Ruang
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Tier IV – Shen Yang

Shen Yang
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Tier V – Jian Wei

Jian Wei
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Tier VI – Fu Shun

Fu Shun
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Fu Shun
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Tier VII – Gadjah Madah

Gadjah Madah
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Gadjah Mada
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Tier VIII – Hsien Yang

Hsien Yang
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Tier IX – Chung Mu

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Tier X – Hsiang Yang

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  1. This is a joke right?
    South korea?
    Its like a sharp blade in the back for us real navies players
    Gg, cant wait for the italian tree in 2052
    Fucking mongols

  2. Great that’s just what WoWS needs, more copy-paste ships. No point waiting for a 2nd USN DD line now that we have Gleaves and Allen Sumner (whose Chinese names I’ve given up trying to remember).

    1. Gleaves is literally just Benson with a different funnel shape, so that was never going to be a candidate for a 2nd USN DD line anyway..

  3. This is pretty funny.
    So the first non-premium British DD’s in the game will be Pan-Asia hahahahahahaha

  4. Does anybody know what the hell Long Jiang, Shen Yang, and Jian Wei are? The rest of the DDs are easy enough to figure out and the T1 seems to be Hashidate-Lite.

    1. Shen Yang was the Mineka-class destroyer Namikaze transferred by Japan.
      I have found 2 references to ships called Jian Wei in China. One is a 870t destroyer with only a single 102mm gun ; the other is a 1000t destroyer with 2*1 120mm guns but going at 17kn. I deduce the Jian Wei presented here is none of them and is, therefore, an invention.
      Long Jiang, I haven’t found anything – but I studied the tree backwards and arriving there I kinda gave up.

      This is stupid. This tree is stupid. There isn’t even a single Italian branch ingame yet, so I can understand putting Italy after USA, japan, UK, Germany, France and EVEN Russia if you really want. But that ? Even the netherlands deserve a tree more than Asia.

  5. The game didn’t need that tech tree atm. They could go with a special tree for each server. So for Asian release the pan-Asian and for EU a similar one. After that, they have to offer also a tree with Spanish, Swedish, Austrian, Greek destroyers and blyka serve as a trainer for this tree..

    This one seems more like a cash crab move.

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