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World of Warships Update 0.6.9

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Update goes live on August 9 on NA Region, and August 10 for other Regions.

Unique Commanders

Update 0.6.9 introduces unique commanders who have unique bonuses and talents, and help the player’s ship stand out in battle.

The first historical unique commander who will become permanently available in World of Warships is Yamamoto Isoroku.

Yamamoto Isoroku is widely known as the Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of the Empire of Japan during World War II. He graduated from the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, U.S. Naval War College, and Harvard University.

Commander Yamamoto Isoroku will be issued with 15 skill points will be granted to those players who manage to finish the permanently available “Yamamoto Isoroku” Campaign. This commander will have two unique talents.


  • Concealed Reserves: This talent is activated when a player earns the “First Blood” achievement, and improves the performance of the current ship under the command of Yamamoto Isoroku by adding one charge for each consumable, such additional charges can be spent only in the current battle.
  • Second Wind: This talent is activated when a player earns the “Kraken Unleashed!” achievement playing with a ship commanded by Yamamoto Isoroku. In this case the ship enjoys -34% to the main battery guns reloading time, -16% to torpedo tube reloading time and aircraft servicing time till the end of the battle, and the ship’s HP can be restored up to 48% of her normal HP within 120 seconds.

Besides the unique talents, players will be able to receive three Personalizations for the unique Commander:


  • A unique ensign flown on the ship under the command of Yamamoto Isoroku
  • Alternative red tracer for shells fired from main battery guns
  • Fireworks when the “First Blood” and “Kraken Unleashed!” achievements are earned

New Campaign: Yamamoto Isoroku

A new permanent historical campaign which tells the story of Yamamoto Isoroku will now be available. This campaign consists of five missions which are accessible to players who have achieved Service Record Level 9. The said mission is intended for ships Tier VIII and above, and the campaign will be permanently added to the game after the introduction of Update 0.6.9. Each consecutive mission will become available every 2 weeks.

This campaign will be a challenge for the players who opt to take part in it, but the reward will be worth the effort. As a reward for completing the final task of each mission, two Supercontainers will be given to the player’s account. For completing the final task of the last mission, Commander Yamamoto Isoroku will appear in Port with 15 skill points and specialisation for Tier I Hashidate (a place for this Commander in the Reserve will be added only if no vacant places are available in the Reserve), a container with items from the Yamamoto Isoroku Collection and some bonuses, as well as 200,000 Credits and 50,000 Elite Commander EXP for retraining the unique commander.

Two achievements are issued to those players who manage to finish the campaign.



Complete the final task of the “Yamamoto Isoroku” Campaign
Complete all tasks of the “Yamamoto Isoroku” Campaign

The “Yamamoto Isoroku” Collection

The “Yamamoto Isoroku” Collection consists of various items related to the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of the Empire of Japan. The collection includes 40 items such as the personal effects of Yamamoto Isoroku, the uniforms of senior naval officers and sailors of the Japanese Navy, battle merit decorations, and various military equipment related to Yamamoto Isoroku. The collection will be available permanently.

The whole collection is divided into five sub-collections, each of them containing 8 items. Upon completing a sub-collection, new abilities to modify the ship’s exterior will become available:

  • On completing the “Uniform” sub-collection, the player will be able to apply camouflage of an alternative colour to Japanese destroyers;
  • On completing the “Uniform Elements” sub-collection, the player will be able ­­to mount alternative camouflage on Japanese cruisers;
  • On completing the full “Rewards” sub-collection containing decoration signs, the player gains the ability to mount alternative camouflage on Japanese battleships;
  • On completing the fourth sub-collection, “Ships”, the player will be able to mount alternative camouflage on Japanese aircraft carriers;
  • Completion of the “Miscellaneous” sub-collection will let the player to mount a second flag on Japanese ships.

Collection-specific bonuses are active even when the player doesn’t have commander Yamamoto Isoroku in the port.

As a reward for completing the full collection, the player will be issued an achievement for building the full collection and a commemorative Yamamoto Isoroku flag.



Complete all collectable items for the “Yamamoto Isoroku”  Collection


  • The Commanders reassignment screen has been modified. To re-assign a Commander to a different ship, the player may first specify the ship type, and then select the required ship from the drop-down list.
  • In order to make the process of reassigning Japanese commanders easier and more convenient, we extended the list of ships that can be commanded by ARPEGGIO Commanders, Dragon Commanders and Japanese Commanders:
    • ARPEGGIO Commanders and Dragon Commanders can be assigned to Japanese ships;
    • Normal commanders can now be assigned to ARPEGGIO ships and Dragon ships;
      • Note that the Port screen has a settings panel from which the player can hide or show additional content, including ARPEGGIO ships or special camouflages. The settings menu is located in the right part of the screen above the carousel.

  • The image of the final reward issued for finishing campaign was added in the Campaign selection screen.
  • Now, the player can sign up for a specific permanent collection. That means that the player can select item cards which collections they will get in daily containers from, except for Supercontainers. However, the player cannot cancel “signing up” for a temporary collection dedicated to some events.

Smoke Screen

All players within the smoke screen area, irrespective of the party who set this smoke screen, will see a Smoke screen indicator that will show the smoke screen action time. Now, all players will know how much time they have till the dissipation of the smoke screen. The logic of the smoke screen timer have also been altered.

In a standard mode this timer displays the duration of a smoke screen which the player’s ship is currently hiding in. If the ship is simultaneously in several smoke screen areas, the timer will display the time left till the complete dissipation of the most persistent smoke circle. This way, the timer provides vitally important information and helps the player when their ship is close to other players’ smoke screen areas.

Higher priority will be given to the timer for the smoke screen which the player’s ship is currently using. By pressing the [Alt] key, players may switch the timer to work based on the previous logic; to display timer only for those smoke screens the player have set themselves.

Upon Update 0.6.9’s release, the Smoke screen timer setting will be automatically enabled for all players. The smoke screen timer can be disabled in Settings under the Controls tab by disabling the “Display smoke screen timer” setting.

Balance Adjustment

  • Admiral Makarov: Aiming angle of the torpedo tubes towards the stern has been increased by 7 degrees. As a result, the torpedo tubes cones became symmetric.
  • Benson: Decreased the rudder shift time for Hull (B) to 2.7 seconds; making its value equal to that of hull type C.

Ship Appearance Changes

Tier I and II ships’ models have been improved especially for rendering thin elements (mostly the ship’s rigging). This correction will not affect the performance:

  • Tier I Ships: Black Swan, Orlan, Erie, Hashidate, Hermelin
  • Tier II Ships: Chikuma, Chester, Dresden, Novik, Weymouth, Umikaze, Sampson, Storozhevoi

Corrected errors and improved the geometry for the following ships:

  • Enterprise, Anshan, Emile Bertin, Duguay-Trouin, Saint-Louis, Gallant, Algerie, Ishizuchi, Duca d’Aosta, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

Other changes

  • Mogami: Fixed the location of the crown daisy on the bow.
  • All objects that are made of latten brass and bronze on any ship now have proper flecks.
  • Oleg: Fixed the visualisation of the Roman numerals.
  • Duca d’Aosta: Fixed the travelling position for the secondary guns.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Starting from Update 0.6.9 the game by default uses DirectX 11 for Windows platforms. The only exception will be game stations using Intel graphic process. For these models the game client will still be using DirectX9. All players will have an option to manually switch between DirectX9 and DirectX11. However, for Intel graphic cards switching to DirectX11 leads to increased memory consumption by the graphic card’s drivers. This may lead to game client crash on PCs with small amount of RAM or on 32-bit systems.
    DirectX11 implementation will allow us to implement new graphic technologies to the game in future and in version 0.6.9 will not affect graphics or client performance.
  • Fixed the bug where the ship camouflage was not displayed when the player switched to another ship while viewing the camouflage of the current ship.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Clans screen to overlap with the chat and the system notifications in the Port.
  • Fixed the bugs in the quick command texts.
  • Fixed the bug that caused incorrect text on the armor layout screen being displayed after the player sells all their ships.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game client to crash when the player attempted to turn the battle camera upwards to the sky with the MSAA and Reflections option enabled on the AMD video adapters.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the “NEW” indicator with reduced size being displayed in the Port.
  • Fixed the bug where the player did not receive the “It’s Just a Flesh Wound!” achievement when the player’s ship was destroyed by their teammate, even though all requirements were met.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the “Incoming Fire Alert” indicator of the ship that had not been yet detected by the enemy to go off.
  • Fixed the bug where the dynamic icon’s guns hanged above the hull.
  • Fixed the bug with “Sea Star” achievement deliver in the “Aegis” operation.


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