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World of Warships: Pan Asia Destroyers Incoming

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World of Warships Publishing Producer, Hisashi Yaginuma, will reveal information on the Pan Asia Destroyers, tomorrow at 7PM UTC+7, (12PM BST / 1PM CEST / 4AM PT / 7AM ET) Live on World of Warships Asia Facebook page.


Facebook Live

Video will show above as soon as it goes live.

My guess is that they will most likely announce a full branch of Destroyers, and if it’s implemented like others before, it will start with a Tier I Cruiser and will be Destroyers from Tier II to Tier X, but I can’t confirm this information. We will have to wait till tomorrow to get more details.

Confirmed to be a full branch mode of Destroyers from Tier I to X.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships: Pan Asia Destroyers Incoming

  1. Ok what? A ****ing copy and paste line from ASIA? And we still only have 1 damn italian ship
    Gg wg

  2. I wonder what will their gimmick be. And if they will consist in a mash-up of VMF/USN copy-pastes, which would require different skillsets.

  3. In the same megazine Q & A where they confirmed roma and the pan asia tree they said that the tree will consist of soviet us and ijn ships
    I dont remember any south east asia navy buying japanese destroyers so that seems strange :V

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