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World of Warships – Digest from Product Producer Q&A

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A digest that turns out to have more leaks than we first thought and a surprise clarification from Ev1n.

Hello everyone,

Hisashi Yanaginasa, World of Warships Producer Japan, shared some information during a recent interview. Here’s what I found to be the most important topics:

  • HSF Harekaze and Graf Spee will have their own missions when released;
  • HSF ships could have different MM from other ships, but not decided yet;
  • Both ships will come in June (H: Already confirmed);

  • Wargaming wants another collaboration it will be announced around September;

  • Tier X premium ships would have lots of problems. There are plans to make Musashi a reward for tournament, or clan war event. Kitakami is already planned to be a reward ship for such event. Please check Update #1

  • Wargming is currently trying to bring a Pan-Asia Tech Tree to the game during 2017;
  • There will be a Taiwanese Premium Ship released into the game, no name was given, just that it starts with the letter C;
C Taiwan Ship.PNG
Image taken from Wargaming Video. Used just for reference. Not actual ship silhouette.

Update #1 – 07/06/2017

Heads up everyone!

I just had the honor of being contacted personally by Ev1n, in regards of Musashi and Kitakami. There the information I have provided before was wrong, a bit of lost in translation situation and I’m sorry for this. Here’s a direct quote from the conversation I had with Ev1n:

Is true that Kitakami may appear as a contest prize for high-skill players at some point in the future, it’s not true that this ship is currently slotted as a reward for a “tournament or clan war event”.

As for Musashi, it is true that we are building one in our secret development drydock, but the ship is also not planned as a reward at this time. There are many ideas on how to use it, but none is fixed at this time.

Source: Discord Conversation

Once again, I’m sorry about the misinformation and a big thanks to Ev1n for contacting and sharing the information with me.

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  1. Another damn taiwan ship isntead of you know, 2 or 3 more italian ships?
    This bias towards bringing the game to other markets by adding these ships instead of adding more ships of actual major naval powers in ww2 is really hurting the game.

  2. Starts with the letter C…maybe Chung King?former HMS Aurora

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