World of Warships – Breakfast with Developers


World of Warships – Q&A 18/11/2016

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing. Q&A from Russian Server from the 18 November.

Source: Official EU Forum

Q: The Ocean map has been removed. Only maps with islands remain. I would like more open maps. Many players sit behind islands in smoke. The gameplay is static and resembles that of tank-destroyers in WoT.
A: We have not removed the Ocean. It is still available at tiers IX and X. We balance the maps for all ship classes. There are open maps in game, such as Okinawa and Atlantic. The tank-destroyer analogy is not quite correct.

Q: Can we expect spectacular effects of ship detonations, with turrets flying, flash of explosions and columns of smoke?
A: We are already considering this idea. At the moment, we cannot say if and when such effects would be added to the game. We are currently working on a new technology for modeling special effects in the game.

Q: Do you plan to unify gold and doubloons? What about silver?
A: The unification of gold is not planned in the near future, but will occur eventually. We definitely do not plan unification of silver.

Q: You often refer to history when rationalizing design decisions. Be consistent and give the AA capability to USS Arkansas.
A: Let me say that only few ships at tier 4 have decent AA. The Arkansas has merits that make it different from her analogue the Wyoming. For example, six upgrade slots, which allow her to shoot further and more accurate, and be stealthier. The Arkansas has more secondaries, whereas the Wyoming more AA. So while better secondaries give the format ship an edge in close combat, the AA will not necessarily safe the latter from an air attack. Taking about historical facts, the ship is represented in its 1912 fit that did not carry AA.

Q: Do you plan a Japanese battleship of tiers 6-8?
A: We do, but I cannot share any release date. Please follow the official cite.

Q: When will you add “I am sorry” to quick commands.
A: We already answered this question.

Q: When will the game be optimized, bugs and glitches get corrected?
A: With every patch we work on correcting problems, trying to make the game more comfortable, and introducing new features. We did announce that the last patch will be small, and yet even such a small patch has included an important feature – antialiasing. We appreciate your staying with the game, despite not being entirely satisfied with its performance.

Q: When is the depot coming, where we can store, sell and buy resources. Why do I need to but your frigging doubloons, when I want to simply use my inventory and my silver? Tell us when the depot is coming? How many times should we ask this question?
A: We already said that we working on depot.

Q: Why do you keep telling us that depot is not an important feature of the game?
A: The depot is forthcoming, we already told about it.

Q: Why does the game have an English name, despite there being a close Russian translation available?
A: As is known, the WoW is one of a triad of WG games, which also includes World of Tanks and World of Planes. We cannot change the name of the game without coordinating it with the other two projects. Besides, according to our information, the majority of players would not like to see the game renamed.

Q: Will there be a depot with equipment, modules, flags, etc. similar to WoT?
A: We already answered this question.

Q: Developers tell us a lot about foreign history and great achievements… but this is a Russian server..this is Russia. Did we not have our heroes? Why not remind us about our heroes and battles.. to feel proud about the country, the motherland. Why do you close your eyes on our history?
A: We do not close our eyes, you are wrong. We have many videos in the history corner. More videos material can be found in our gaming rubric “Overkill” and others on the official YouTube channel. Many of these videos are dedicated to the heroic deeds of Russian and Soviet service men.

Q: Do you remove popular questions from Q&A that are inconvenient to you?
A: Of course not. We already answered this question before.

Q: Will there be Kamikazes on Japanese carriers?
A: We do not plan introducing the Kamikazes. This was a desperate measure, taken under extreme conditions, when the technological lag and the lack of resources had a great influence of the outcome of war, and desperate measures were necessary. In our game, the players are initially in a situation of balance, which makes the inclusion of such desperate measures pointless.

Q: The title of the game on the Russian server is in English, despite having an exact Russian translation. This question has been posed and deleted several times. We will continue posing this question till we get an answer.
A: We answered this question above.

Q: Does the karma have any influence on gameplay (getting into weaker teams, losing more often)? I think this is unfair if karma actually aggrieves a player, them anyone can click down anyone purely out of spite (and undeserved).
A: Karma has no effect on matchmaking. Concerning clicking someone “down”, this cannot be relevant to a good player with a good conduct, because compliments will prevail over reports and “down-clicks”. Moreover, players with good karma may receive various bonuses for positive karma.

World of Warships Q&A 18/11/2016

Hello everyone,

Small Q&A from the official NA World of Warships page.

JediMaster Draco

Q: “American ships suffer a lot under the current meta. Do you have any plans on giving them buffs to restore playability?”

A: On a wide scale, there are no problems with American ships in the current meta. Sure, there are individual ships that could use buffs, but that issue isn’t unique to the US tree. Their destroyers and battleships perform well, while the carriers have problems that stem more from the class than the nation. Our current priority is resolving carrier class issues before moving onto nation-specific carrier issues.

On the other hand, American cruisers do suffer a bit at higher tiers, which is something we’re planning on fixing.


Q: “Why do the Arpeggio ships only have torpedo effects and not things like shell tracers, beam AA, klein field impacts, and other cool things from the series?” 

A: Implementing Arpeggio content was great for content diversity, but our number one priority was the main game. We had to stick with the most definitive features using the game resources already at our disposal.


Q: “Will we be seeing a French battleship line in 2017?”

A: Nope, but we do have a different battleship line planned for 2017. 😉


Q: “Historically, the best firing position in real naval battles was ‘crossing the T;’ firing all guns from the broadside while your opponent’s bow faced you, stuck with only their forward guns. This is the opposite in World of Warships. Was history wrong?”

A: Real naval warfare was not about having fun. Remember that World of Warships is still a game, and that we have many strange situations you won’t see in naval history. Battleships didn’t ram each other, destroyers didn’t leap from island-to-island for surprise brawling, etc.


 Q: “Is there a carrier rework coming?”

A: Yep, in 2017.


Q: “Why can’t we have matchups within one tier of each other? Matchups with a two-tier gap seem very, very common.”

Q. With three-tier matches, there is more ship diversity in a match, plus more incentive in being top-tier. We understand it’s tough playing a tier V ship against tier VII, but tier VII can have a tough time against tier IX. That’s fine. There will always be battles where you’ll have a tier advantage, and others with a disadvantage. It’s important to adjust your battle strategy accordingly.


Q: “Most important question of all: Pepsi or Coke?”

A: Neither; Kvass. Google it. It delivers!

World of Warships – Short Q&A with Sub_Octavian on Reddit – 17/11/2016

Hello everyone,

Sub_Octavian has been replying to a lot of player questions on World of Warships Reddit regarding Update 0.5.15 and very interesting bits were shared. Seems the note handed to me regarding Captain Skills was right…

HM_Bert: I was excited when I saw the campaigns and thought it was gonna be co-op vs PvE scenarios like Halloween, but instead it’s just glorified missions/achievements that already exist

Sub_Octavian: Yep, but this is a big improvement anyway. And PvE development is in progress, so hopefully lots of interesting stuff will come in 2017.

renegade_9: Any hope of getting something like the Halloween convoy event as an actual game mode? That mission was fun as hell.

Sub_Octavian: Yep, that what one of its goals – to test such modes.

BeastG01: Interesting lack of discussion of the leaked captain skill rework. Also, no word on the Missouri or IJN line split which were both anticipated to be 5.15. Maybe they’re holding off on the announcement to build suspense?

Sub_Octavian: There’s nothing to discuss yet, the rework is not planned for 0.5.15, not even for 0.5.16.

Kin-Luu: Oh… so it is most likely a post Christmas thing? Was kinda hoping for presents.

Sub_Octavian: There will be presents 🙂 but commanders are still WIP.

Falloutplease: Looks like the Missouri is premium after all.

Sub_Octavian: Was there any doubt she will be premium?

AOSPrevails: Well after a leak implying she won’t have premium credit bonus the pessimistic people on this sub have been speculating she would be more like an ARP ship than a True Premium.

Sub_Octavian: Well. I can say: we are planning her to be all premium, but for the way of acquisition (free XP, so you can get her completely free with a lot of grind, purchase or combine both ways). This is it for now. Don’t rush with these leaks stuff…:) Missouri official announcement will be done eventually. Upon 0.5.15 release we’re planning to send her to production test for final settings.

Zahared: Will that be time restricted for getting the Missouri or something more permanent?

Sub_Octavian: This is not confirmed, sorry. But we’re thinking in the direction of “more permanent”.

World of Warships – Q&A 11/11/2016

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing. Q&A from Russian Server from the 11 November, but only now has been translated.

Source: Official EU Forum

Q: What do you think about a “seasonal” game mode commemorating historical events, in which only ships of certain nations can participate?
A: We cannot promise new game modes at this time.

Q: I would the option of selling or exchanging signals.
A: We do not plan such an option.

Q: The Halloween event has been a great success. Do you plan an escort game mode for the PvP, or just the PvE?
A: We are currently working on similar game modes, but we cannot announce any details at this time.

Q: The RN cruisers made the gameplay closer to that in WoT, with players standing and shooting out of smoke, or moving in and out of islands.
A: This type of gameplay was possible before the cruisers. Do not forget a game will always have many elements that makes it different from reality.

Q: The purely sequential arrangement of keys activating consumables is confusing since different ships have different consumables. Do you plan an option for assigning buttons by type of consumable?
A: We do not plan such changes, although we see scope for improving the interface.

Q: What about heavy cruisers? The Scharnhorst appears to have found her place in the meta.
A: The Scharnhorst has indeed found her place, but as a battleship. We do not see room for a full heavy cruiser line for any of the nations in the game, and also not plan any individual ships of this type in the near future.

Q: I have heard about plans to add crew on ships in port. This would highlight the size of the ships. I would also like the option of loading two ships in port for a visual comparison.
A: The crew in port is not a fake, but we cannot promise that this feature will be implemented for all ships. Concerning visual comparison, this feature will probably be of limited use for most players.

Q: We need more quick commands, such as “Use Defensive AA”, especially in ranked battles.
A: We plan reworking the quick commands to make them more useful for teamplay.

Q: I am concerned about the low visibility of torpedo aiming template on brighter maps in sniper mode.
A: We are looking into this issue as a part of a general rework of the game interface, but we cannot say when the reworked interface will be released. The main problem is that a darker template will be less visible on darker maps.

Q: We would like to have a tier 8 premium ship for the US navy.
A: We are considering several candidates for a tier 8 US premium ship. The USN will definitely get a tier 8 premium ship in the future.

Q: Are you planning the option to change captains’ appearance and names? When will the new captain skill tree be released?
A: The new captain skill tree is probably coming already this year. We do not plan further customization options for the captains.

Q: Will Mogami see a premium sister-ship similar to the Gneisenau/Scharnhorst duo?
A: We have no such plans at the moment.

Q: Do you plan adding ship names to the minimap?
A: The names are long and would clutter the minimap. This option is not a priority since it would not benefit all players. Players with large monitors and a fully enlarged minimap may appreciate it, whereas the many owners of smaller monitors or laptops probably not. The current minimal provides all the necessary tactical information.

Q: When will the French and Italian navies come out?
A: We plan both trees, with the French appearing sooner than Italians. We cannon say anything about their release dates.

World of Tanks – Q&A 12/11/2016

Hello everyone,

I’m back from Portugal, loads to do both at work and with the blog. I’ll be posting catching up, so expect a big number of posts today. Here’s the latest Q&A from Murazor and a few other WG members.

Source: WOT Express VK


Q: KV-122 in 9.17 will be tested on. From this arose a natural question. Will the KV-85 be deprived of its 122mm gun or not? For the second level is the “dumb” gun, 4 out of 5 are stupid shots and that the presence of the tank turret, speed and general armour.
A: Will stay for now.

Q: That’s addressing the issue of withdrawal, right?
A: Not planned and not soon. 122mm and 100mm gun standards are varied.

Q: A buff for Tier 10 heavies (Maus, E 100 and Type 5 Heavy) planned eventually?
A: After the 9.17 patch, intermediate.

Q: What have you heard about the American T34? Cannon is shit, mobility is shit.
A: Its a viable gun from a Tier 9 tank.

Q: Regarding WZ-111, whether specific figures on armour changes, particularly interested in the lower front plate.
A: Weaker than the 112.

Q: You said in a video comparison Su-122-44 and E-25, you said that the SU needs special match making, because the tank falls 2\3 of it fights in Tier 9, where it is stupid and not playable.
A: SU-122-44 should be fully rebalanced, but it is not possible at the moment.

Q: Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm. As a premium tank it has miserable dynamics and mobility. 9.9 hp / ton this is very low. Will you do anything about it?
A: Not in this patch.

Q: What of the JagdTiger 8.8? I understand that its a TD, but do you plan on buffing it with the other premiums?
A: To me it doesn’t have enough speed. We’ll see.

Q: T34 in comparison with the T26E5 loses, although the cost is the same. It is very difficult to make T34 work. Fully aimed, missed, 13 seconds reload, damage received. Almost always that way.
A: T34 has a much more powerful gun.

Q: What changes are expected on Tier II and III, and in general in the Sandbox?
A: Wait for new Matchmaker.

Q: Murazor, any hope for such HD tanks as Object 140; Bat.-Chatillon 25 t; E 50M; STB-1?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: Maybe give the ST-1 the ZIS-24? It would be logical, it does not matter that there is historical/paper project. And maybe buff the SU-100Y. Now it is a sad piece of shit that lights up like a Christmas tree and hits good maybe once a year. I bought the premium and have 800 battles but now he sits in the hangar.
A: ST-1 will be remade. SU-100Y is top premium for damage at that tier.

Q: What about the American T34? It’s not cheap, and the advantages apart from alpha and no breakdown. Stabilization is terrible, low manoeuvrability, DPM one of the lowest in its tier.
A: If needed, we will buff the T34.

Q: T34-85M was over buffed, any plans for this?
A: Possibly.

Q: Any plans regarding IS-6 in terms of profitability? 175mm of penetration is often lacking even in Tier 8 battles and often have to shoot Gold, and because of this it farms like an ordinary tank.
A: You need to use tanks with higher penetration for farming.

Q: We want better stabilization for the IS-3, or maybe better aim time.
A: We have a better idea.

Q: What’s the point of increasing credit yield 10% on FV4202 if it shells are 2.5 times more expensive than other premium Tier 8s? It is better to change the value of the shells.
A: Technically, the price change in shells is much more difficult than to raise revenue.

Q: Radical changes in the company policy. Earlier potatoes beat their fists on their chest and screaming that the rewards should not be steeper than conventional tanks. Now, on the contrary, premium tanks are better. Conventional tanks are forgotten. The conclusion is – buy – bend over.
A: IS-3 is the best thing at Tier 8. You can grind it and play it all you want.

Q: Judging by the first impression from the reviews T26E5 is too good.  It has decent armour, mobility, penetration. A gun with cheap ammo, and even view range. It’s too fatty. Maybe it should be cut down to 350.
A: Its hard to play a heavy tank with low alpha.

Q: How will the Su-122-44 armour change after transfer to HD?
A: It won’t.

Sorell Aurik on the Official Forum

Q: How will you find the tundra mods and the minimap cheat mods? Do you have hope for the system or will you wait for player reports? And I wonder how you will take account of “absolutely all the factors”?
A:  No comments.

Q: Because there isn’t a system?
A: Because this would make it easier to bypass it.

Yuri Filipovsky on Swedish Tanks (H: I’ve never heard of him)

Q: In the video about the mechanics of the Swedes, I saw two tanks go head to head at the same speed. Swedish top tiers will receive a higher maximum travel speed in both directions? This functionality was present in many tanks – FV4401, STB-1, E-10, some American T95 projects, STB-1? Do you plan to implement it?
A: We’re currently implementing this for the Swedes only. We’ll look at others after the players feedback.

Q: Will it influence precision if I don’t want to enable siege mode?
A: The precision is really bad in movement mode, the player won’t be able to fire normally. Talking about the tier 9-10, they have their gun fixed in the body so any uneven patch or any keyboard press will negatively impact the ability to fire precisely. The tier 8 has the possibility to aim vertically, which allows to remain in movement mode sometimes.

Q: During turning, the effects of camouflage net and binoculars won’t go away, but the camouflage coefficient will change?
A: The movement in siege mode is of two kinds: turning to the left and right, and movement forward/backward. Equipment will not deactivate during turning, but will do so during forward/backward movement. The same applies to camouflage coefficient.

Q: Will there be a possibility to change the height of the left and right track independently?
A: Even the current mechanic which uses only one key appears difficult to some players, so no.

Q: What is the speed limit in siege mode?
A: Very low, 5 KM/h.

Q: The video about the Swedish mechanic shows two tanks driving at the same speed. Will Swedish top tanks have the same movement speed in both directions? If yes, why do the Ferdinand and Tiger P not have this possibility?
A: The main difference of Swedish vehicles which have high reverse speed is that they theoretically had this possibility by having a compartment at the back where there were duplicates of all steering and driving mechanisms. This would even allow steering the vehicle backwards, thus they have such high backwards speeds. Regarding the other mentioned vehicles, they did not have such a possibility and this was purely theoretical, in practice they did not use their reverse like this.

Q: Is the speed of entering/exiting siege mode dependent on the crew? If no, will there be a possibility to accelerate the change between modes or is this like the reload of a magazine?
A: Currently the crew has no impact on the mode change, the process is more mechanical and thus similar to magazine reloading.

Q: How effective are the anti-HEAT screens on the front of the top-tier Swede?
A: After impact on the screen, the shell loses some penetration.

Q: How will the impact of suspension adjustment be on camouflage?
A: Not at all.

Tank Aces Stream

– We’re changing the system for repairing and selling tanks. Check the news soon.

Q: What about emblems for the top event in 10/100/1000 “Tank Aces” to put on our tanks?
A: Yes, we talked about it, and as soon as there’s decision we will inform about it. The idea is excellent and the devs liked the idea too.

Q: Will there be something interesting for the New Year?
A: Yes, there will. Now prepare. On WG Fest event will be a huge number of buns and surprises

World of Warships – Sub_Octavian Reddit Q&A – 10/11/2016

Hello everyone,

Latest Q&A by Sub_Octavian on Reddit. Important note: Sub_Octavian won’t be doing any more weekly Q&A, instead he is going to create a topic in Reddit and reply to any question as soon as he can.

“Dear redditors, thank you for your questions and great discussions. It is time to adjust our Q&A. In my opinion, weekly cycle with upvotes was fun at the beginning, but got ineffecient and tiresome. I believe it can be impoved both for you and for me.

I will start Round 6 as a separate post shortly. And I will answer the questions right there, real-time, from the office, from home, from smartphone. Not just top-15, but as much as I can. I will pick popular questions, hot questions, interesting questions and everything I come across. I will engage in discussions if I can. But I will probably avoid some of the suggestions and feature requests as replying “sorry, that is not planned” is not fun and engaging (I will read everything though). When there is no power left, I will update the post and state that it no more questions are being viewed.

I will do my best to start these Rounds at least once per update. As usual I am not breaking NDA (at least explicitly, sssshhh!), but will try to shine some light on as many stuff as I can. Hopefully, this will create quicker, more personal interaction (and save us all from reading wall-of-text QAs).”


Q: A couple of weeks back, you answered this question with the following

“The part you are talking about is included in the citadel because it was valuable initially (torpedo armament storage) and it is protected accordingly: 25 mm citadel deck you mentioned; 32 mm deck you cannot see in port viewer currently (it is bow internal deck); 152 mm belt (you can see a part of it behind anti-torpedo bulge; 102 mm transverse (in game 102 mm layer is a sum of several IRL bulkheads); It is located underwater and extremely hard to hit. Most part of damage to Warspite is bow/aft/casemate/superstructure, so this part does not play a vital role in ship in-game performance. On the other hand it is logical to be included in the citadel, remembering its initial function and armor (these are two main criteria).”

how is logical that a cold-storage compartment that contains nothing more threatening than what amounts to supplies for the galley is part of the citadel ? the magazines have a separate bulkhead of 150mm plate between it and the former torpedo magazines that these rooms are, it’s on the B9/11 one. i concur entirely that it used to be part of the citadel, but the ship we see in game several years past than the last refit of the Warspite that actually carried torpedoes.

A: It is logical because it corresponds to balancing and gameplay purposes. And it corresponds to our damage model design. After this prolonged discussion we researched Warspite performance more closely. There is no need to buff or change her, (while the change you are suggesting is a very small buff). Your request, unfortunately, cannot be fulfilled. Sorry.


Q: As other have said, thanks for these… onwards!

While I’m finding the Royal Navy cruisers very challenging, I have to say that so far it’s been an enjoyable one. That said, there’s a UI factor that I reckon would greatly improve my enjoyment, and I wondering if there would be any chance of it being implemented.

It’s a smoke timer. At the moment, I have to do quick head maths to work how long it is until I need to be hauling ass out of there. This is particularly important for the RN, as if you appear, stationary, you’re going to blow up more often than not. Granted, you wouldn’t want it to be something that everyone sees, but the ship that laid it down could do with some sort of countdown.

A: You are welcome. Yep, this is good suggestion. It has been approved and will most lkely be implemented. However, at this time I cannot name update number. “Somewhere in 2017” is the most accurate date. Continue reading