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World of Warships – BadPreacher on German Gun Changes

BadPreacher talks about German gun changes on Update 0.6.6.

Hello everyone,

Big thanks to Babykim for sharing this with us, developer BadPreacher published an explanation about the penetration mechanic in relationship to the changes for German guns.

Source: World of Warships EU Forum

Let us start with HE. The penetration is computed according to the 1/6 or 1/4 calibre rules, rounding to the nearest whole number. The resulting number is the armour thickness that the HE shell cannot penetrate. For example, for a 152mm HE shell we get approximately 25.334 (152/6), which rounds to 25, meaning that 25mm will not be penetrated, but 24mm or thinner will be. The 1/4 rule in 0.6.6 for German guns applies as follows:

  1. Main battery: all battleships and cruisers of tiers 4-10,
  2. Secondaries of 128mm and 150mm caliber: all battleships of tiers 7-10, and cruisers Roon and Graf Spee.

Turning to the AP. The penetration is computed according to the 14.3 rule, without rounding. Divide the gun calibre by 14.3. A bounce cannot occur if the result exceeds the thickness of the armour. The check for penetration accounts for the impact angle (normalization), so that the normalized line-of-sight thickness* of amour applies. Consequently, even if the shell did not bounce it may fail to penetrate the armour.

For those who aren’t aware, German guns suffered some changes with Update 0.6.6:

  • 150mm HE shell penetration is increased from 25 to 38.
  • 203mm HE shell penetration is increased from 34 to 51.
  • 210mm HE shell penetration is increased from 35 to 53.
  • Nurnberg’s 2nd and 3rd turrets can now rotate 360°.
  • Hindenburg is now completely immune to HE splash detonation.
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