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World of Warships – British Royal Navy Battleships Confirmed

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Hello everyone,

Today Wargaming Asia might have leaked some information a bit to soon… The Royal Navy is getting Battleships very soon, the following images confirm it.

We recently had Sub_Octavian conforming a new branch was going to be announced in June and now Wargaming Asia just publishes these images, the Tier X British Battleship.

Please remember these images are from Supertest Server. any information is not final and is subject to change at any time.

Update #1

Just noticed, British Battleships might have Radar as a consumable. We can see this in some of the pictures.

Update #2

Done a bit of research and I believe the battleship leaked could be the HMS Vanguard.

Update #3

Some new information just arrived by email, it seems it’s not the HMS Vanguard, but a Lion-class armed with proposed 4×2 457mm guns.

Update #4

And even more information. It seems some images suggest it could be in fact a Design L2 Battleship, with 4×2 18″ guns.

Comparing these images with the game screen grab, we can see they are very similar. What do you think?

Update #5

Stats card seems to have been datamined from Wargaming website. The Tier X will be Conqueror, a 1949 modernized L2 Design.


Source: Leo_Apollo 11 – World of Warships Reddit

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – British Royal Navy Battleships Confirmed

  1. Following on your guess of the ship being Vanguard, I have to disagree. Wargaming in WoWs has a very rigid Tonnage to HP ratio, The Gun on the turret placement is also too close together and the shape of the turrets is off for a Vanguard cl***.. what we may be looking at here is the proposed Lion cl*** battleships, or a variant thereof, We are looking for something tonnage wise similar to a Grober Kurfurst, so heavier then Iowa, lighter then Montana, with Twin guns in an AB-XY Configuration.

  2. So, the Lion II design? interesting. would be nice to get another 18″ gunned BB in warships for sure.

  3. What the hell?! Are they out of their minds? More battleships? 10 per team is not enough?

  4. Regarding update 4: it cant be L2, the turret design and gun placement is one again wrong. it also cant be L” due to the lack of the stepped quarterdeck.

    Additionally, after doing a bit of impromptu measuring of the minimap lines, we are looking at a 25-28KM firing range on the main batteries.

  5. Wasn’t the Lion only proposed with triple turrets though

  6. So it’s safe to ***ume that it’s another WG fake most likely

  7. It is not the L2!!! this is design 16E38 from the opriginal Lion series, with the later designs raked forecastle and proposed twin 18″ turrets instead of the original 4X3 16″/45 Mark IIIs. Porbably there will be a choice of armament between those.

  8. Well, it depends on how do you define “fake”. If you count unhistorical modified historical ships in to this category, then almost all of the German BB line and many others are fake. A similar example would be Amagi, designed at same period of time yet received reinforced armour and AA with the made up B hull.

  9. Slapping some extra AA or dicking around with armor thickness is one thing. Making up a “what-if” design loosely based on real ones is another, at least in my totally subjective opinion. You know, stuff like the tier 9 and 10 KM cruisers, the Zao/Senjo/whatever it was called before, etc.

  10. What they did to L2 has no difference to what they did to amagi. Overall, it’s a modification based on a real design. In the case of Kurfurst, Roon and Hindenburg, they are just made up ships with real turret design.

  11. Wargaming stated that there wouldn’t be any guns larger or as large as the Yamato’s 18.1″ guns.

  12. Suffice to say that I was directly involved in designing the tree and although there were several suggestions for the T10 the more preferable ones got rejected in favour of this. BTW if you know British BB design history it is pretty obvious by the hull form that this is the 16E38 hull. It can not be the L2 as it is stated in many places wrongly as it had internal belt armor and much closer spaced funnels much more forward, plus it had totally different superstructure and secondary battery layout.

  13. “and much closer spaced funnels much more forward” – sorry I meant on the K2, not the L2. The L2 was a single funnel design and was much slower with non alternating machinery, so it is not even twin funnel…so if anything it could be the K2 only.

  14. Thanks for your explanation, but do you have any historical source on this ship? Or it’s a ship created by your own?

  15. All i could find online is some models of it and a reference to “Roberts, John. “Penultimate Battleships: The Lion Cl*** 1937-1946″. Warships No. 19. London: Conway Maritime Press, 1981. p167-182.”

    But the models are almost identical to the picture of Conqueror, so i would have to agree that it is not L2 based but rather one of the “Super” Lions that were considered.

  16. Yes, I have seen many lion designs before, however I haven’t seen any design with 18 inch guns. That’s why I’m very curious on Mr. Gergely’s historical source.

  17. Well that’ll explain why they put H41 (GroBer Kurfurst I think) instead of H44. Hm.

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