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World of Warships – “Scenario” PvE mode Info

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About the Scenario Mode

In this mode, players can become participants of the grandest naval Scenarios: attack enemy bases, escort support vessels, protect allies in distress. Current Scenario mode consists of series of Operations. These operation each has its own background, specific battle conditions, missions, and objectives. Scenario mode will be further developed in the coming future to add more contents.

These Scenario mode battles will be conducted with a team of 7 players facing against AI opponents. In contrast to traditional PvE battles, Scenario battles will each follow a certain battle scenario where the players need to complete all missions.

  • Maximum number of players: 7
  • Minimum Service Record Level: 8
  • Available Tiers: Tier V – VI

Upon the release of Update 0.6.6, only one operation, “Defense of Naval Station Newport”, will be available. Every 7 days, a new operation will become available under the Operation of the Week status. You can check the dates of that new Scenarios will be introduced in the Operation tab in the game client.

Note: The access to the remaining operations will be opened in consecutive order (each locked operation will display the date of its activation) and become the “Operation of the Week” until the next Operation has been unlocked. The player can complete the unlocked Scenarios again, but only as a member of an Extended Division.

In Season 1, four Scenarios will be available:

  1. Defense of Naval Station Newport: Defend allied onshore installations and ships.
  2. Operation Aegis: The enemy have intercepted allied transport ships. Your aim is to secure the perimeter and rescue the captured ships.
  3. Operation Killer Whale: Carry out a daring attack on the enemy base!
  4. Saving Carrier Raptor: Provide assistance for an aircraft carrier in distress.

When the battle ends, the ships you used in the battle are sent for “Resupply” and remain unavailable for 30 minutes in the “Operations” mode. Such ships can be resupplied immediately by using Credits.

Note: In Scenario battles, you may encounter many interactive gameplay objects such as forts, onshore installations, supply vessels and AI controlled ships. In some cases, you might meet a maintenance vessel that restores allied ship hit points.

How to Participate in Scenarios

The Operation of the Week

You can participate in an Operation of the Week alone or in a Division with friends. A special extended Division was added for the Scenarios mode. Such Divisions can include up to seven players.

Note: Extended Divisions are available only in the Scenarios mode.

You can enable the “do not complete team” option and join a battle even if there are less than seven players in your Division.

For example, if your Division includes four players and the “do not complete team” option is enabled, you’ll join a battle with this number of teammates. If this option is disabled, your team will be complemented with three more players.

Tip: All members of the extended Division will be able to communicate in the voice chat. You can enable voice chat in the Audio tab of the Settings screen.

Other Scenarios

Scenarios that lost their Operation of the Week status will also be available, but only for an extended Division. This Division must include from four to seven players. At the same time, adding random players to the Division will not be available. For example, if your Division includes five players, you will join a battle with this number of players.

Note: Scenarios that lost their Operation of the Week status will be available only for an extended Division (from four to seven players).

Missions and Rewards

Credits and XP

The amount of XP and credits earned within an operation will depend on the number of completed missions and personal battle efficiency. Average earnings per battle will be higher than in a standard Co-op Battle and lower than in a Random Battle.

Rewards for Completing Secondary Missions

Each operation will include the main mission and five secondary missions. For completing a secondary mission, you will earn a star, but only if the main mission of the operation is complete.

You will get a reward for every star earned, only once.


  • If you earned two stars for completing the operation, you will get two rewards, for the first and second star. If you complete the operation again and earn three stars, you will get only one reward for the third star.
  • If you complete the operation and earn all five stars, you will get five rewards. You will not get additional rewards for completing this operation and earning five stars again.

Note: For completing operation and earning the same number of stars again, you will not receive any reward.

Scenario Mode “Season 1”: Rewards

Upon completing each of the 5 subtasks in a Scenario mode, the players will be rewarded with a Star.

Collecting these Stars will award players with Premium items such as Signal Flags, Camouflage and Commanders.

Find out more details about the Season 1 Rewards from the chart below.


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