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World of Warships – British Battleships – Nelson, King George V, Lion & Conqueror

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Tuccy for sending the images before hand, I really wanted to share them with you guys, but I couldn’t just publish them without Wargaming permission.

The Royal Navy is getting it’s so much waited Battleship branch and Wargaming just announced four new Battleships that are coming to the game.

HMS Nelson

HMS King George V – Tier VII

Lion – Tier IX

Conqueror – Tier X


12 thoughts on “World of Warships – British Battleships – Nelson, King George V, Lion & Conqueror

  1. Well…Jingles and PointyEaredJedi might be signing back up as community contributors sooner than we thought they might!

  2. KGV tier 7 🙁 it should be OP as hell at 7 so i imagine they are going to nerf her a lot 🙁

    1. Not really, it has a lot of guns but it’s caliber is smaller than most Tier 7s so it balances out.

    2. The guns aren’t the issue, the KGV’s armour is. Seriously, naval historians pretty much agree that the KGV’s armour wasn’t surpassed until Yamato and Musashi.

    3. KGV’s guns aren’t the issue, her armour is. Seriously, most naval historians agree that her armour scheme wasn’t surpassed until Yamato and Musashi.

  3. Conqueror looks more like a bigger version of the Battleship “Design X”, imho

  4. Conqueror appears to be some sort of super-Vanguard. KGV at tier 7 is a strange choice considering it was a historical contemporary of Bismarck and North Carolina, and I don’t think I agree with that choice. Nelson should have been the 7. Hopefully that’s a typo or gets changed before the ships go into testing.

    1. it is also strange for Iowa to be T9, since it is on par with Yamato historically. The fact is, game balance should be first and utmost requirement then historical accurate. the current game mechanism favor ships with bigger guns. so even KGV is a better design, but the smaller caliber mean it would not be as good as historical in the game.

    2. Iowa can solely win if the weather is bad or during a night battle, since the Yamato has a lot more punch while the Iowa relies on her radar ro deal dmg.

  5. Isn’t the Conqueror a Lion-class battleship? Seems odd to have two ships the same class in the game one after the other.

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