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World of Tanks Update 9.20 Release Date

While we are currently still on Common Test Round 3, Update 9.20 will be released soon after Gamescom. Worry not, if you are still grinding the Foch 155 branch, you still a little more than a week to do it. Patch will be officially released for the Russian region first, next day for European and North American regions and a week later for Asian region.


Official Release Dates

Russian Server – 29th August 2017

European Server – 30th August 2017

North American Server – 30th August 2017

SEA Server – 5th September 2017


Don’t forget that AMX 50 Foch (155) will be replaced by AMX 50 Foch B and if you have it in your garage, you will keep it as a special vehicle, while receiving the new one for free. So, if you really want to have it, don’t waste any more time and get grinding.

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  1. I really think replaced by AMX 50 B is not what you intended to say, missing Foch there 🙂

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