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World of Tanks Supertest: Light Tanks Changes

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While Light Tanks are excellent at scouting as their main goal, their firepower doesn’t always allow them to affect battles on par with vehicles of different classes. Considering the test results, we intend to improve the balance settings of Light tanks by combining the role of a scout with the role of a fire support vehicle.

Here’s a closer look at the changes of all Tier X LTs

Sheridan: In its current state, the tank doesn’t seem to be effective enough. Therefore, we plan to increase the alpha damage on its 105-mm gun, while keeping the same reload time. This will increase the vehicle’s damage per minute.

T-100 LT: While this tank perfectly copes with the role of “active spotter”, its firepower lacks compared to its peers. Therefore, the vehicle’s damage per minute will be improved.


Rhm. Panzerwagen: We will fix this tank’s characteristics to better fit the role of a sniper tank. The stabilization and aiming parameters will be improved – which will decrease the preparation time before a shot and increase the vehicle’s survival rate in battle. We will also be slightly decreasing the alpha damage on the gun, but increase its rate of fire in return. This will emphasize the role of the Rhm. Panzerwagen as a quick-firing sniper.

??? 13 105: French LTs are vehicles that generally intend to not only scout, but also cause damage. Therefore, we will increase the shell alpha damage in order to increase this vehicle’s fire effectiveness against other Tier X LTs.


Common change for all the vehicles: In order to boost the effectiveness of Light tanks throughout the whole battle, we’re increasing their ammo rack capacity (as Chinese vehicles don’t need more fixes, this is the only change that applies to them). This will allow LTs to cause damage even at the very end of a battle.

As we’re updating American Light tanks, we’ve decided to divide them into two branches – autoloader and non-autoloader.

This division was created for a more consistent in-game process – the Light tanks branch below Sheridan won’t have magazines, while magazine equipped LTs will be placed in the mixed branch below the T57 Heavy.

In order to achieve this, we’ll make slight changes to the nation’s tree and add a new tank to the no magazine branch.

Old tech tree


New tech tree


T71 CMD Stats


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Light Tanks Changes

  1. At least the lights are not complete **** any more….oh wait they are….

    That penetration, accuracy and pretty much everything else is still garbage.

    And where are the buffs to the rest of the lights in the game ? (t71, 13 90, t54lt, t49 excluded)

    The Rhm Pander actually got merged which is also hilarious. What a bunch of ducking monkeys at WG.

    What the community told them in the same ducking patch that the tanks were released…and now they realise….utter morong. LISTEN TO THE OLAYERBASE IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU WANKSTAINS!

    (Apologies for rage, WG really get on my tits)

  2. “While Light Tanks are excellent at scouting as their main goal”

    They are? You sure? Even when most mediums can do the same, but better?

  3. why some 105 mm guns have 320 or 360 dmg and others 390 dmg ??
    what the reason !!
    There must be a source of guns on the capabilities of damage and reloaded

  4. yeah there was no reason to change its loading time and alpha dmg. But the changes in gun handling are above acceptable.

  5. The T-100lt. only deals 300 dmg with it’s 100mm gun and is at the same time reloading much longer than pretty much every medium tank with a 320 dmg gun. Some mediums even have 390 alpha cannons that reload faster than the 300 dmg gun on the T-100.

  6. when is the american tree going to split into autoloaders and non autoloders?

    im currently grinding from the bulldog to the T54E1 and im worried about not getting enough time.

  7. Not really. WG is right about this. If there would be only open maps lights would be completely out of control. They would spot everyone easily. They struggle on city maps and boy do they struggle a lot so buffing firepower makes perfect sense.

  8. That really depends on what role they want to give the light tanks. They wanted to give back the scout role to the light tanks. Buffing their firepower seems profoundly contradictory to this. There are many ways to improve the LT role, without compromising the role distinction between tank cl***es. This doesn’t sound like it.

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