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World of Tanks Grand Battles Q&A

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World of Tanks Russian Youtuber Amway921 visiedt Wargaming Minsk office, where he talked with Grand Battles Developer. WOT-Express did a small digest from the video.

Source: WOT-Express


  • There are plans to bring Grande Battles to other tiers, unlike Ranked Battles. This was planned from the start but depends on tests.
  • Grand Canyon map was scrapped and it won’t be introduced to Grand Battles.
  • Developers are currently testing a new map for Grand Battles, that hasn’t been revealed yet. As soon as it’s ready, it will be revealed to players.
  • According to statistics there won’t be any problems with players running out of ammunition in Grand Battles. Battles are not set to last for 30 minutes, yes, players might run out some times, but this is not critical and doesn’t happen very often.
  • There was a slight increase in players with Light Tanks in the new mode, but there are more players queuing with SPG’s. The question of arty in this new mode has been floating around.
  • About one third of players play World of Tanks on weak PCs.
  • According to statistics, only 50% of players open the Options menu and even less ever change anything.
  • There’s no plans to introduce new medals for Grand Battles, like destroying 20-25 tanks. There is however the possibility of stretching the existing ones by a few kills, but nothing has been decided on this.

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