World of Tanks

World of Tanks Update 9.16 Release Date


Hello everyone,

Update 9.16 should be released on October 4 in the EU and NA Servers, SEA Server should get the update a week later. The sources aren’t confirmed, but I’ll update the post when more information comes out, if it turns out inaccurate.

Update #1

Confirmed to be released on October 4 in the Russian Server. EU and NA Server should get the update the following day.

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  1. Usually WG practise is to publish an update on RU server on tuesday or sometimes wednesday, with EU and NA following next day, so my guess is 4th of October for RU and 5th for EU and NA. Or perhaps both one day later …

  2. With the new Swedish tank available from Oct. 6th onwards chances are high that the update will hit RU server on Oct. 5th and EU/NA on Oct. 6th …?!

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