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World of Tanks – Japanese Heavy Tanks – Supertest Changes #2

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Hello everyone,

Seems there has been some further changes to both tier IX and tier X Japanese heavy tanks. Aside from the armour buff, the armour hit model has been changed a bit, plus a new gun is being tested on both tanks.

Source: WOT Express

15 cm/45 41st Year Type – Tier X Gun

  • Common Type 4 HE
    • Penetration: 30 – 50
    • Damage: 975 – 1625
    • Splash Radius: 3.66
  • Common Type 0 HE
    • Penetration: 30 – 50
    • Damage: 750 – 1250
    • Splash Radius: 3.66

Again, I don’t see the reason why a new gun with just HE rounds is being tested, almost looks like an SPG gun, high alpha but low penetration. The tanks will keep their current armaments, this will just be an addition to it.

Armour Changes

Type 4

Type 5

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Japanese Heavy Tanks – Supertest Changes #2

  1. yup this is definitely one of those why the hell not moments for me. i don’t think they have real use in game besides being cheesy and for those that want to continue their kv2 derpy adventures at tier 10

  2. Because the last thing this game needs is more derp guns, they already ruined mid tiers no need for them to ruin high tiers as well.

  3. I can’t reply to you cynical so im replying here. Personally I don’t have any issue with derp guns in any sort of tiering. I find that they are easily outplayable and the reload on a majority of them is so long you can punish them. But alas its just my experience with the matter but I honestly don’t think it’d bug or ruin anyone’s experience at the high tiers as much as arty already does.

  4. I have no problem with them getting a Derp Gun! Not at all. Just not sure why they need them? If they already have decent guns? But maybe its to give an alternative to what is available now.

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