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World of Tanks Supertest: Two new Premium Light Tanks

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Wargaming continues its policy of introducing Tier VIII Premium vehicles to the game. While the game is already flooded with them, these still are two unique vehicles to be added, one of them is a well-known retired vehicle.

French ELC EVEN 90 Light Tank


A tiny French Light tank. It’s indeed very small – even smaller than well-known AMX ELC bis. Its armour is also thin – 15/10/10 mm. It’ll be a mobile “tiny tot”, with specific power of 24 h.p./t with an autoloader gun for 5 shells with a total damage around 1200. The numbers look impressive, but you’ll have to work hard to have them – reloading time, aiming parameters and penetration value will require some certain game skills.

German Aufklärungspanzer V Light Tank


Most of you might already know this guy – earlier it could be found among the German light tank branch. It was a long time since it retired from researchable tree and we’re ready to introduce the updated version Aufklärungspanzer V ‘Rotfuchs.

It’ll be a huge Light tank with an excellent gun: with a good rate of fire, armour penetration and accuracy. You can either play as a sniper due to the excellent aiming and penetration parameters or play as an active scout-damager due to the excellent view range, rate of fire and mobility.

Aufklärungspanzer V – is a typical representative of German tank-building school. Strange, big and effective, with small alpha-damage, but high rate of fire.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Two new Premium Light Tanks

  1. Oh no, please wargamu, add the AFK panzer as normal LT. You know me, and probably quite a few others, are willing to pay for it, but dont be a d*** about it please 😉

  2. So, the unique playstyle of the ELC is sorta gone, and this is now basically another AMX 13t. I’d like to see the exact same stats of the old ELC, put it at tier 6 and its perfect, but no…

    Buuut, the Aufklärungspanzer is exciting!

  3. It’s pretty good indeed. Super accurate, fast aiming, 2025 dpm, good shell velocity and pen. We only don’t know gun handling but I hope it will be solid.

  4. when it was tier7 it had the old mm, with the new mm, its the same awful without any change and in the proper mm. Like the us T 71 which should me tier8…

  5. What do you mean, it will be better from what I remember, than the old afk panzer and that was quite okay with the old MM and that is the same as a current tier 8 light. So how would it be awfull?

  6. Two more PREMIUM LTS… can’t possibly imagine any more unnecessary additions to the game.

  7. Premium lights are super needed. Light tanks are by far the most dependant on good crews and we are currently lacking high tier light tank trainer for nearly every nation which you could buy. I can’t possible imagine any more necessary premium tank addition to the game.

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