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World of Tanks Supertest: ELC EVEN 90 Details

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The tiny French Light tank ELC EVEN 90, upcoming French Premium Light Tank details and pictures. It’s going to be a very interesting tank, with a crew of two, this tiny tank will be almost like having an AMX ELC at Tier VIII.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: ELC EVEN 90 Details

  1. What a tank!! First of all, it looks hilarious, alien-like almost. Second, love the low profile and camouflage ratings. This will be a great active scout which is further boosted by that 24 h.p/t. However, there are some downsides, The penetration is absolutely atrocious and accuracy is mediocre. Also, this isnt mentioned but shell velocity on the real tank was relatively low which I hope Wargaming doesn’t apply, but if they do, it will be a big weakness.

    Also, to those who may not know or think this is a fake tank, this was an actual tank called the ELC 90 that was armed with a single low-pressure 90mm Mecar gun fitted on the right side of a pedestal-type turret. A co-axial machine gun was mounted on the left side of the turret, and the gunner’s hatch was located on the top of the turret.

    Overall in my opinion, this tank will be played very much like its other French comrade, the AMX 13 90 in the active scouting role, but the gun will not perform as well. Also, I think Wargaming is changing the meta of premium tanks becuase now I feel more of these recent premium tanks such as this and the STG are not as totally overpowered as tanks that have been made in the past 1 1/2- 2 years.

  2. Weird little toy lol. I am honestly not at all sure what to make of this thing. Be that as it may I will definitely get one, it’s so ‘odd-ball’ it is a must have. While the penetration is somewhat troubling that 9 degrees of gun depression could open up a few interesting possibilities. Also being the speedy and sneaky little bastard that it is the late game could prove veeeery interesting. It’s a shame that we can’t tell how many rounds it carries, I should imagine being so diminutive and armed with a 90mm that it might be a tad on the low side.
    A shame also that it’ll be all but useless as a crew trainer for the AMX lights with only 2 crew but we (some of us anyway) still have the AMX 13 57, I was really hoping for an alternative trainer/money maker.

  3. I think you have some serious errors in judgement.

    Firstly 175mm pen on standard ammo is average for a tier 8 Lights and not terrible at all.
    Secondly this tank is flat out better than the Bat 12t and all the other standard tier 8 Lights. It may not be overpowered simply by being a light tank but it is much better than the regular light tank garbage.

  4. Well, I play console version so we don’t have these tanks and changes yet. Sorry if my statements are somewhat false, it is just my personal opinion.

  5. But Havoc, you also have to admit, although it might not be Wargaming’s intention to make OP tanks, Some of these newer tanks are much more balanced.

  6. Imagine trying to “sidescrape” on a map that has all the possibilities of shots around the corner on your left. Bam free shot in the turret and probably TC killed.

  7. I am 99% sure WG will nerf this tank. If not we will have another Defender, this time as a light tank. In current state it is completely overpowered and broken.

  8. I agree that it’s very good “for a tier 8 light”, but all in all, lights at high tier are much harder to play, they require much greater knowledge of game mechanics and map awareness. Errors in light tanks are cost much more than in heavy or medium tanks, the roles they fill (Active scouts, flankers, p***ive scouts) are also much higher risk than other low hp/armor TDs and Arty.

    The fact that this one also has an autoloader compounds its weaknesses and strengths, it becomes a much stronger tank in the late game when there is fewer tanks to spot/shoot it and more low health tanks it can finish off in a clip. At the obverse, its incredibly weak in early game, it can’t trade, high tier tanks all have as good if not better vision, city maps and small maps reduce its survivability, getting yoloed, snap shot or detracked can spell death in seconds.

    Last quirk of this tank is that at 6.7 tons and 160 hp, any equipment you put on it will slow it down considerably.

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