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Rumours say a Type 59 is out there to be caught!

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Once now and then, rumours spread that the Chinese Premium medium tank Type 59 is coming back on sale, usually around Christmas time. But it’s not Christmas yet, and we already have these rumours spreading like wildfire.

Type 59 – Once one of the most overpowered Premiums in World of Tanks.

It started yesterday on World of Tanks Reddit, and some excited for it, others just don’t plain believe it. Based on the wording of Vehicle Rebalances in Update 9.20.1 article, some players and blogs speculate,  Wargaming is hinting players the most hyped tank will be back with Update 9.20.1 for a short period. But, is this true? Of course not.

I’ve confirmed with Wargaming if there were any plans to sell the mythical Type 59 soon, and MrConway kindly responded to my question.

Not saying that we will never ever sell it again, but this buff is aimed at people that have had their Type sitting in the garage gathering rust because it’s been left behind a little. It will also make it more appealing as a prize for future contests etc.

MrConway – Wargaming Community Coordinator

Source: World of Tanks Forum

It’s always good to double check these things but is always good to have some connections to be able to confirm them. But, if you still want a Type 59, I’ll give you a legit way of getting one, and this includes players from all regions.

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WOTBoys Type 59 Giveaway Stream

Don’t forget to check the WOTBoys Stream from 18:00 GMT (London Time) to have the opportunity to win a Type 59 code that can be used in any region!



15,466 thoughts on “Rumours say a Type 59 is out there to be caught!

  1. I suspect it’s just lost in translation if you will based on the Italian and German post. The type 59 is getting buffed. So is the T-34-3, that includes Type 59 armor. So I suspect it’s related to that. And that maybe the T-34-3 will be on discount shortly after the patch goes live. As they usually do with buffed premiums of late.

  2. “You’ve most definitely heard of it, many must have seen it in action, and the lucky few have this exceptional tank as the centerpiece of their collection. It’s in for a shot of adrenaline in 9.20.1, and you won’t want to miss it.”

    This is the text from the english vehicle rebalance announcement. 🙂

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