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World of Tanks (NA): November Sneak Peek

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November is almost here and promises to be a month with a lot of surprises for the North American region, from Object 252U returning to sales, to Grand Battles for Tier VIII and the sale of a brand new  Tier VIII Premium Soviet light tank.

World of Tanks Sneak Peek

November Sneak Peek

Tab titleNov. 1-Dec. 1: Tournament MissionsNov. 1-11: Top Secret Special MissionsNov. 1-Dec. 1: Ram II Special Month-Long Tank Sale!Nov. 1-5: Object 252U 96-Hour SaleNov. 2-30: Tier VII/VIII of the WeekNov. 2-Dec. 10: Tank Mastery MissionsNov. 7-Dec. 17: On Track Missions (x2)Nov. 9-13: Veteran's Day WeekendNov. 13-19: Tier VIII Grand BattlesNov. 19-27: Black Friday DealsA New Premium Tank Arrives!

Owning a Premium Account has several benefits, but to sweeten the deal, we’re throwing in a Premium Tier II light tank and Garage slot when you buy 30 Days with this offer!

We’ve got rewards for completing specific objectives during Tournament matches. Please see the Tournaments forum for more info.

Based on historic battles, choose one of two nations and engage in a series of challenging missions for consumables and other goodies. Stay tuned for more info.

The Ram II Tier V medium tank is on sale in the Premium Shop with a new bundle available on Thursday each week.

The Soviet heavy tank that packs a deadly 122 mm cannon is available in a special offer. This is the “unskinned” version, meaning you can customize its look!

We feature a different Tier VII or VIII vehicle, bundled with Premium Account time, Boosters, and other goodies. Special Gold, Credits, and Premium Account time combination bundles are also available — each sale lasts only one week, so make sure and check back each Friday for a new offer!

    • Nov. 2-9: Tier VIII of the Week: 59-Patton
    • Nov. 9-16: Tier VIII of the Week: T34
    • Nov. 16-23: Tier VIII of the Week: Strv S1
  • Nov. 23-30: Tier VII of the Week: SU-122-44

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge on featured vehicles to unlock six special emblems. See the Tank Mastery Missions section on the homapage banner for complete info.

Get on the fast track to top-Tier vehicles! For Veterans Day, our Tier X prize is the U.S. M48A5 Patton medium tank; then two days later, we move to the German line for the E 100 heavy.

  • Nov. 7-26: M48A5 Patton
  • Nov. 28-Dec. 17: E 100

A special weekend that includes:

  • x5 XP for the first win
  • Vehicle Trade-in Offer
  • Discounted Crew Training/Re-training, Skill resets, Barracks slots, and more
  • Special hangar

Special edition of Grand Battles for Tier VIII vehicles — that’s right, it’s not a typo — Tier VIII! More information is coming soon, so stay tuned!

Mark your calendars for our biggest sales of the year, with huge discounts on currency bundles, Premium vehicles, something called “The Feast,” and much more!

Premium Account owners can get a hold of a new vehicle before non-Premium Account holders. Said vehicle will go on general sale after the Pre-sale period.

Object 252U Returns this November with a friend…

Seems not just the European server is going to have the infamous Soviet heavy tank Object 252U on sale, in fact, the North American server will also have it on the same days, an opportunity many of you might not want to miss out but if you think this is all, make no mistakes.

The Soviet heavy tank is bringing a new friend to town from the cold Russian battlefields: LT-432. Recently showcased during TwitchCon by some of the Community Contributors present at the event, the Soviet Tier VIII light tank will make it’s debut this November across all regions.

Decision time will be upon you if you choose to open your wallet, will you take the mighty Soviet heavy tank or will you prefer to have a light version of the Soviet power in your garage?

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  1. None for me until they fix the game and give us average die hard fans who play everyday a reason to still play like new tanks for bonds . Not a premium just a tier ten tank that gives me a reason to grind my tier tens for bonds. PLEASE. Or I know make the 279 e missions doable for everyone by giving a 2nd path like grinding out 1000000 xp just a example but really the best players get it all mission rewards all clan wars tanks all ranked battle rewards and even the t22 medium please wargaming give average high tier players who have all the tier tens something to really grind for . Yes I have a 260 and it took me a year to get but the 279 e missions are on a new level its mission impossible . Please give us high tier loyal players something cool we can just grind for like the 268 version 5 for bonds as a legacy tank , don’t worry the version 5 isn’t that good its a t10 with a 750 gun no speed and less armor and bad dpm but it would be something new to grind my tier tens to get please wargaming.

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