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World of Tanks: Object 252U is back!

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Is it a surprise at all to see this vehicle on sale again? At the moment, all servers except CIS got the Soviet Tier VIII Premium heavy tank Object 252U for sale. From 1 November to 5 November, you can select from two quite expensive bundles and pick your own Object 252U.

Object 252U
Object 252U

As announced a few days ago here on The Daily Bounce, the Russian heavy tank is now on sale for everyone who wants to open their wallet. For the first time since it was sold in the EU, players from this region were able to get their hands on one of these.

Wargaming sold the vehicle back in February 2018 but at the time it decided EU players had strong feelings for it and for that reason it wasn’t going to be back, at least at that time.

Object 252U
Object 252U

Of course, Wargaming never said it wouldn’t return and now players who don’t own one but wish to get one, have an opportunity that most likely will only return for Christmas Advent calendar.

If you are looking to get one, just visit your region Premium Shop and you will be able to find the Russian menace from prices starting around £50/€55/$60 with a few bundled goods, or if you are feeling particularly generous you can pick the Best Buy bundle that costs about £85/€95/$100.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Object 252U is back!

  1. At least they are not gonna sell broken ****s like the chrysler… or the Pz2j… or the lefh…


  2. Yeah, tier IV-VI is unplayable at the moment with 5-6 leffes in both teams… and then V-VII with the multitude of M44’s doing missions… but OK that one is not even close to leffe
    Chrysler I don’t mind. I go around it and **** on it no problem, IIJ I don’t really care anymore, but for players around tier V the leffe with its rate of fire and gun arc is really cancer.
    Btw took out my E25 yesterday for some missions (no. of pens and such) and it’s also cancer. Averaged 2,8k done damage + lots of both spot and track ***ist through 8 games…

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