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World of Tanks Supertest: T95/FV4201 Chieftain

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For some this vehicle might be new but for older players we all know it’s not. The T95/Chieftain has been in the game files for a long time but it was only ever released as Premium Tier X vehicle in the Chinese server.

T95/FV4201 Chieftain

Today the T95/FV4201 Chieftain enters Supertest, with small characteristics changes when compared with the original vehicle: T95/Chieftain. With a brand new Chieftain turret, in fact, the first version of the Chieftain if I’m not mistaken, this British heavy tank will be a Tier X Reward vehicle but no details were given how players will be able to earn it.

Fast firing, a high alpha gun with decent aiming characteristics, the tank will stand out among other British and American heavy tanks. Some will say he is very similar to the American T95E6 medium tank after the buff it received, but with this thick turret armour, you will be able to play it hull down quite comfortably.

We will have to wait and see what Wargaming decides to do with this one, as for now all we know is it might come to the game or not, like many other vehicles. Last and not least, don’t be fooled if someone calls this vehicle Chieftain, as it’s not one, it’s no more than a hibryd of a T95 and a Chieftain.




120 mm Tank Gun L11

Continental AOI-1195-5

AN/C42/B47 AFV-7
Please Note

These characteristics apply to the vehicle with the crew trained to 100%. Please note they might change as they are from Supertest stage.

Hit Points2,200 (HP)
Hull Armour114 / 86 / 25 (mm)
Turret Armour350 / 175 / 17 (mm)
Penetration270 / 310 / 140 (mm)
440 / 440 / 530 (HP)
Rate of Fire
5.96 (rpm)
Reload Time
10.07 (s)
Turret Traverse Speed29.20 (deg/s)
Depression / Elevation-7 / +20 (deg)
Aim Time2.01 (s)
Damage per Minute2,622 (HP/m)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot3.836 (?)
on Turret Traverse0.134 (?)
on Vehicle Move0.173 (?)
on Vehicle Traverse0.173 (?)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing3.760 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving7.940 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing5.180 (?)
Weight / Load Limit60.00 / 65.00 (t)
Engine Power1,000 (h.p.)
Specific Power
16.67 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed46 / 15 (km/h)
Chassis Traverse Speed30.00 (deg/s)
Terrain Resistance0.959 / 1.247 / 2.397 (m/s2)
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)26.7 / 5.07 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%)20.0 / 3.80 (%)
View Range410 (m)
Signal Range782 (m)
Crew MembersCommanderGunnerDriverLoader
Source: WOT Express

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: T95/FV4201 Chieftain

  1. So they’re going to make people pay for it when console gets it in the tech tree? Wth?

  2. It’s not the Chieftain and it’s not a paid premium.

    This is the other half of the Chieftain/T95 (Chieftain hull wit T95 turret).

    The T95/Chieftain is the T95 hull with the Chieftain turret.

  3. So? The chieftain hull is nothing to care about. It’s not that great. This is 90% a chieftain and in some way or another you have to pay to get it. Wether it be by premium time , real time or gold.

    Don’t think you or anyone else reading this article is going to get it without some serious time in clan wars.

  4. Still doesn’t make it a Chieftain. By that logic we’ve had the Chieftain in-game for a while in the form of the Chieftain/T95 due to the hull.

    And honestly, based on how they’ve changed the T95/Chieftain compared to when it was first announced I would very much prefer the actual Chieftain due to that gun; it’s just better in everyway.

    7 deg gun depression vs Chieftains 10
    2 sec aim time vs Chieftains 1.4
    0.34 accuracy vs Chieftains 0.31
    2,622 DPM vs Chieftains 3,033

    But if you want to settle for second, that’s fine. If WG wants to make the T95/Chieftain a CW reward or any form of reward who cares as long as we end up with the actual Chieftain in the tech tree

    I’m just trying to figure out who’s arse the 1,000hp engine got pulled out of and how the turret armor went from 250/140/30 to 350/175/17

  5. It’s not a tech tree Chieftain mkVI which really should be a British tree in game.
    Even though it is not a “proper” Chieftain, it is still a good looking tank.
    It seems a great shame that it will be a reward tank, as many UK based players will still want it badly.

  6. To be honest, these should be Reward tanks, as they are special projects, what WG should do is make the Chieftain Mk I available in the game, and these “special” ones as Rewards of some sort. Never a Premium Tier X of course.

  7. agreed,

    Personally still would have preferred the Chieftain to replace the FV215b after the Conq then the S.Conq

  8. ATM I think Chieftain fits better as a Medium than a heavy, just needs small tweaks. Still don’t understand why WG doesn’t introduce it to the game.

  9. hmmm yer I could see it being a Medium. If they hadn’t made the FV4202 a premium I could see that being the tier 8 to start the branch off the Comet and build into a Chieftain prototype and ending in the Chieftain, but even then, they could just put a Chieftain prototype branching off from the Cent 1.

    Hell, they could put a prototype at tier 8, Chieftain Mk 1 at tier 9 and the Chieftain Mk6 with the spaced turret armour at tier 10 (if that could be balanced)

    It’s arguably the single most requested tank. The amount of money that WG would get from people buying gold to free exp to it would not be insignificant

  10. they keep spitting in the face of every die hard wot fan by giving every version of the chieftain to a select few . Clan wars rewards thx wargaming just another reason not to play wot . I play on NA and clan wars it almost dead . If they give us the MK 1 that would be fair but if they just put this one in and give everyone else nothing this is just another reason to not play wot anymore WG cares nothing about its everyday average players the biggest group in wot. They should offer the tank for bonds and clan wars give a camo for clan wars like the did with the vk 72.01 k and put a B on the end of the one people got for bonds . This way everyone gets a chance to get the tank and best players still get to show off how they got there tank. Im not saying do that with old tanks from clan wars but they could start with this one. Sick of being punished for being an average player who has all the tech tree tier tens its getting pointless for me to play with nothing new to earn forget the 279 e its mission impossible except for a very select few that get all the clan wars tanks all the ranked battle rewards the t22 medium and now the 279e and this new tank. Make it 20000 bonds and give me a reason to grind the heck out of my tier tens . They put the MK 1 on the console so they can put it on the PC just like the wt e100 on console they want you to have to play both to get to play these too tanks its all about money and nothing to do with game balance ffs they just sold another Chrysler k so that game balance excuse it nil and void .

  11. @Chris: That seems like the obvious way to go, and yet this is the same company that buried the highly-desired M60 as a clan wars reward that less than 1% of players can get.

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