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World of Tanks Gamescom 2017 Q&A

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Tier VI and VIII vehicles always seem to be at the bottom of the team list. Any plans to fix this issue?

We are continuously working on the new matchmaking system, and yes, there will definitely be fixes to it in time. As the entire mechanism is quite complex, we need to address every issue separately and introduce those improvements step by step.

Platoons never seem to be at the top of the list (excluding Tier X). Are players punished for playing in platoons? If not, are any changes planned?

We are looking into this and will improve it as soon as we can.

Any plans to change the matchmaking for vehicles with special matchmaking? If not, will you reintroduce the option to play with tanks of a lower tier than they own?

Currently we don’t have such plans.


Will there be new maps, or only reworked ones? Will we get bigger maps for Random Battles?

Yes, new maps are coming, but first we are finishing the work on HD quality maps.

What about boosts and climbs? Some of them are supposed to be removed with Update 9.20, but some players can still abuse them. Is this going to be fixed?

We know that in some cases those ‘climbs’ significantly affect battles. With Update 9.20, we’ll close lots of passages to zones that should not be accessible from our point of view. We are continuously analysing your feedback and our map statistics to get this issue under control.


Are you going to introduce the Sturmtiger in the future?

Currently we are not working on this vehicle.

Are there any plans to change SPGs? For example a limitation of only one per team?

We don’t plan on having even more restrictions for SPG in Random Battles. However, in Ranked Battles there will be one: a maxmium of 2 SPGs per team.

Will there be multi-nation crew trainers like in World of Tanks Console? For example a German tank captured by Soviets that can train crews of both nations?

Maybe, but at the moment this isn’t something we’re working on.

Are more customisation options planned for tanks, for example more skins, emblems, self-made emblems, etc.?

Yes, this is something we will introduce in the future.

Now that you’ve introduced the Pudel as the first Polish tank, is a Polish tech tree coming in near future?

Currently we’re working hard on the Polish tech tree. However, it’s still too early to share information on how or what it’s going to be like. As soon as the tech tree is ready, we’ll release it on the Supertest and share the information with you. Stay tuned!

Do you have plans to introduce the Japanese tank destroyers at some point?

We have collected quite a lot of information on Japanese SPGs and tank destroyers and are now processing this information. Right now, it’s way too soon to speak about introducing any of these vehicles to the game. For now, the Polish tech tree has a higher priority.

Any plans to improve dated Premium tanks (IS-6, Type 59, WZ-111, 112, etc.) in the future?

As for Chinese Premium heavy tanks, they have already been sufficiantly improved with the most recent balance changes, which is confirmed by both the players’ feedback and statistics. As for the vehicles with preferential matchmaking, we’re working on different solutions on how to tackle this situation, but we haven’t made a final decision yet, so please bear with us.


The introduction of Bonds has been very controversial. How do you see their influence on games by now? What are the plans for the future?

It might have come across at the beginning that Bonds are exclusive to Ranked Battles. However, this is not the case. As we mentioned before in our official articles, we plan to make Bonds accessible for normal players as well – we do not want to force anyone to play Ranked Battles. With the release of Update 9.20, Bonds can be earned via Tier X Random Battles and the new Grand Battles mode.

Any improvements to the reward system for Ranked Battles?

Currently, we plan to change the reward system in a way that you will earn more Bonds by getting into higher ranks at the end of each stage. This way, you can earn a considerable amount of Bonds, even if you don’t place in the seasonal leaderboard.

Game Modes

Will you improve Ranked Battles with a better score system, longer seasons, and different leagues?

We are currently working on improving the core functionality of this game mode first to make it well-balanced, and appreciated by our players. Nevertheless, we are also working on creating league concepts based on Ranked battles. At the moment, it’s too early to share more information just yet. If the concept is good enough for release, you’ll find all the information on our website.

Will there be different battle modes for other Tiers than X?

Yes, but right now we’re focusing on end-game content first.

What are your future plans for clans and clan wars?

The development of the Global Map is one of our top priorities! We have collected your feedback about the Global Map, and based on that, we’re introducing improvements for this game mode. Actually, many of those suggestions have been already taken over for the upcoming 6th season, starting on 28 August.

After the season ends, there will be a huge Clan Wars event with new mechanics, currently set to the end of November. Keep in mind that this date can change. The 7th season, coming next year, will differ significantly from the 6th, and we’ll also try to implement the best ideas from the playerbase.

Aside from the Global Map, we are working extensively on improvements to the Strongholds game mode. For example, since 24 August, it’s been possible to earn Industrial Resources in Random battles with Tier X vehicles.

Will there be more training opportunities for new players?

Of course! For example, we’ve introduced the Bootcamp with Update 9.19.1, which is a massive improvement compared to the previous tutorial. Once we’ve analysed those statistics, we’ll introduce more updates on this new mode.

User Interface

Any plans to add more filters for the carousel, e.g. three or more rows, a filter for non-elite tanks, or more custom filters?

Yes, we’re working on this.

Will there be more information available in the garage on tanks’ parameters, such as terrain resistance or gun stabilisation?

Yes, we plan on introducing this in the future.

In World of Warships you are able to choose your favourite port. Will something like this ever come to World of Tanks, choosing your own garage?

At the moment, we don’t plan on introducing this.


We feel that developers don’t listen to criticism, complaints and suggestions. Please explain what other factors play into the development of new content.

We do listen carefully to your opinions and your feedback and try to implement them whenever it’s possible. Aside from the forums, we are actively communicating with contributors and bloggers to get the most recent feedback from our players.

Will there be a system in World of Tanks like in World of Warships, giving daily containers for received XP to encourage playing the game?

Currently we don’t have such plans.

At the moment we feel that battles end too fast and become one-sided, such as 15:4 after 4 minutes. If that’s the case, can you share statistics on changes to battle results and times over the last updates?

While we obviously cannot share the exact data and statistics, we do confirm that this fact is true. We are analysing those statistics and are looking into solving this issue.

Will you introduce a new set of personal missions?

Yes, new personal missions will be introduced in the future, more information will be disclosed closer to their release.

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