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Thaine Lyman steps down from World of Tanks PC

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In a project like World of Tanks, we can expect big changes from time to time, and yesterday was the culmination of another Era. During Wargaming Gamescom Player Party, Thaine Lyman has publicly announced he is stepping down from heading World of Tanks PC.

Thaine Lyman

At our Gamescom Player Party, I announced today publicly my role change, stepping down from heading up World of Tanks PC.

I’m not at the point of revealing my next position yet, but yes, it is still within the Wargaming family, and we’re close to that point. Will update everyone when it’s the right time to do so.

I’m thrilled at what we’ve been able to do in my time on the project, I’m proud of the team we assembled and the barriers we broke down together, I’m amazed at how much I enjoy the city and people in Minsk, and I’m thankful to Victor Kislyi and the rest of the team for the faith they showed in me to take on this responsibility.

I’ve first meet Thaine at Wargaming Fest 2016 and quickly realized he is a very down to earth person. Very friendly and approachable, he shared a genuine passion for World of Tanks and was always ready to listen to anyone who wanted to share their opinion and thoughts with him.

Wargaming Fest 2016

And you can see this is true, because it was to my surprise, when he saw me at Tankfest, he remembered who I was and came straight away to greet me. It was amazing to see him during Tankfest, he used all his time to talk, share and create a bond with all Community Contributors, and any player who approached him during the event.

Thaine Lyman, together with Paul Barnett, were brought to Wargaming to introduce a more Western approach to the game and both were the force that propelled the recent changes in World of Tanks. While some of these new features still need some re-balancing, we can’t deny the game has improved since Thaine and Paul were put in charge.

Personally I’m sad to see Thaine leaving World of Tanks PC, but at the same time I’m happy for him to move on to different projects, and who knows, maybe he will still have some connection to the game in his new position. Now, all that is left for us is to wait and see, who will take Thaine position and what will happen to World of Tanks in this new Era that is just about to start.

15,466 thoughts on “Thaine Lyman steps down from World of Tanks PC

  1. I thought the new ERA was with Update 9.18. I guess every Update is a new ERA. LOL 😛
    It’s sad indeed to see Thaine go. He was the person on the wheel of the ship (or should I say the handles of the tank) that made something of the game the last few years. Hopefully his work will not be for nothing.

  2. MM, SPG and other changes were only possible because of him. I’m not saying that they were perfect, they weren’t and they are far from being right. There are still loads to do. Also he was the only one who always wanted better communication with the playerbase and CC’s. He was the one who made it possible for us CC’s to have Q&A with the Devs and be able to test thing even when they are on Supertest. He was very p***ionate about the game, and was able to understand us (CC) and wanted for us to be able to influence the game in a positive way. I kinda look at him as the guy who was behind a lot of decisions but he never gets the real credit for it. Believe me when I say it’s a big loss for WOT, because without him, we can actually be going backwards again in communication and how the game changes.

  3. I don’t see the point killing a cl*** like I don’t see the changes for p2w are doing for this game but ruining it.

  4. Maybe he was good to you, mr. H, but het he certainly wasn’t good for the game. Repeated controversy with regards to premium tanks, ******ed buffs and nerfs and the list goes on, and on. In fact, I don’t think I can recall a single thing that really improved the game while he was in charge. Especially the ‘new and improved’ MM is a horror show. As for improved communication… My backside. WOT EU is still utterly ignored.

  5. I see. Thanks for the reply. He does seem like he was for the players. But I bet many things he wanted gets denied by Minsk itself.

    Heck, I think things are already going backwards. Just have to look at the stupid armour changes coming to WoT in 9.20. Instead of nerfing and rebalancing premium ammo, lets all buff the turret armour of mediums. Now why even try to flank. Just hull down and plink away.

    But thanks for answering my questions.

  6. From what I have heard, Lyman is a really nice guy, but I can’t help but share the doubts of some other people here on the thread. I feel most of the recent changes in the game were poorly thought through or sometimes downright bad. Some examples: The redefinition of the light tanks (which are now mostly made redundant by medium tanks, especially on high tiers), overpowered premium tanks such as the Defender and the Chrysler GF (there’s that awful video in which Lyman and Jerabek defend this stupid policy, culminating in their ludicrous comparison between a Defender and a TVP VUT – cringeworthy stuff) and, above all, the poor realization of ranked battles, including the concept of improved equipment, which literally everybody hated. Add to that the poor show Wargaming put up when dealing with FochGate, and I think it’s fair to say that the last year was very disappointing for us players. I don’t know how much Lyman had to do with it, and of course, there were some improvements, too (for instance, I thought that reusable consumables were great), but all things considered I must say my disappointment to see Lyman go is rather limited.

  7. I’ve never seen this high a level of dissatisfaction in the player base and we are rapidly losing players. Whoever has been making the decisions over the last couple years has failed.

    If Ponytail isn’t responsible, then who is?!

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