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World of Tanks Black Market: Deal #11

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It seems the special deal announced by WOT Express was in fact, 3x Orders for the First Campaign… It costs 1,500 Gold, so a nice deal to get some orders if you haven’t finished them yet?

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market: Deal #11

  1. Such ******ed monkeys no jike ppls spending years to grind it and now the just ****ing sekl it ****en trash devs

  2. What are ****ing idiots I’ve got 1 missio. Left to do, td15 3500 damage to TDS, which is impossible when I only get 2-3 TDS in matches. What use is 3 when I need 4 orders to complete the mission. Wargaming can get aids.

  3. I suppose that I can expect to see a horde of Object 260s today on the NA server.

  4. 3 orders won’t help you byp*** the last *-15 missions (because you need 4), and campaign 1 missions have already been nerfed once or twice, and all good players finished them already.

    This is probably to help some of the not so good players finish them.
    So don’t get your panties in a bunch. 🙂

  5. Didn’t look like there was a limit overall, just that each player could only buy one pack with 3 orders.

  6. From what ive heard there actually was some sort of glitch where you had to relog and the offer would be available again, not sure if true but if it was then I was stupid not to check it again …

  7. There was a glitch, where the offer would show up as available again, but as soon as you would press “Purchase” it would update and give an error saying you can only buy the pack once. So no duplication of orders 🙂

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