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World of Tanks Sandbox: Rebalance & Other Changes Upcoming

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Today the Sandbox server has received a massive update and if you are wondering what could it be, we have one word for it: Rebalance.

The great rebalance promised is almost here and it will include:

  • Changes to Shell system and mechanics
  • Changes to HE shells
  • Changes to SPG Class overall
  • Changes to vehicle branches

Changes to Shells and SPG have already been tested in previous Sandbox iterations, this iteration will have a finalized version of those changes, plus a load more things.

Wargaming is thinking on revising tech trees, there is a big number of vehicles that will be removed from the Tech Tree, but not lost, players will have the ability to retain then, etc.

Overall, these changes will have a massive impact on the game, and because of that they shouldn’t be considered final, Wargaming might decide not to implement them.

I would advise everyone to keep an eye out for news today, Wargaming announced last week during a Live Stream that these changes will be announced today. Read, get all the details before making your mind, but do share feedback once you have information. These changes will have a deep impact on the game, and if they aren’t good enough, the Community should voice their concern.

More details as soon as they are released by Wargaming will be published in the blog.

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox: Rebalance & Other Changes Upcoming

  1. Imagine a WW2 game without a Hetzer. Or a Firefly. At least we still have Bobjects and russian bias.

  2. Harkonnen, any chance you can publish the tentative simplified tech trees with comparison to their current tech trees?

    I’d like to see the exact changes being proposed.

    1. Yes, I’ll have something published. Its quite a lot ATM, and I’m short in time, so I’ll try my best to publish all I can.

  3. They are putting the onus on the players to test this in ten days that fall squarely inside two major events, Dynasty and Clan Campaign. WG has had two years to do this, and they have sandbagged and delayed us and cited this great work of theirs as the reason for delaying every other meaningful and necessary change. What gives? Im happy to test, since supertesters are russians and the devs are russians, and they are completely disconnected from the rest of the world…but he timing of this seems like they purposely have it placed so the least amount of actual thinking players will invest their focus here. I have to wonder if any testing i could do would actually be evaluated or considered by my russian colleagues in the first place?

    And why is the KV2 immune from the reality check that every other tank in this game gets? It has always being stupid, and it is one of the precious few tanks that existed irl that even the russian military admitted was trash. Might as well be the poster child for bullshited up fakery and russian bias now. Put it in its place with the same even hand that balances all others.

  4. There is a suspension of disbelief theuout the whole game; its a mild representation, very much a simplification of reality. No infantry? No breakdowns? No air?

    I’m not sayng i want those; I stick w WoT because its streamlined and simple.

    I like some of the quirkiness, eg KV-2. I like arty, tho occasionally I’m gone in 30 seconds (heck, thats more than my woman gets from ME) and like DERP on StuGIII, Sherman, etc tho am more an AP guy. Gold, hmmm but what ya gonna do.

    Its hoped not too much changes. Its a game, a vague approximation of reality. Seems silly to get too hung up on historical issues.

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