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World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #4

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The fourth Black Market deal is out and it’s a closed auction for the E 50 Ausf. M ‘Nimmermehr’ 3D Style, minimum bid: 255 Gold!

ASIA region gets a simple sale again, so be quick if you want it, all other regions it’s a closed auction.

There are only a few limited number of vehicles available depending on regions:


*No Auction for this Region

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #4

  1. harkonnen have you seen that the micropatch made the wz 111 qilin from gold price 22500 to 5
    and also that for the t 22 med also back to it old base so maybe no longer in bm?

    1. The Foch 155 form the last Bm is also just worth 1000 Credits when I would sell it 😉

  2. Hi to all any clue about t22 price ??? and if they realy sell it or its a troll

    1. i think gold auction starting 500 gold but… people will spend 20k – 30k gold on it (me included)

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