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World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #5

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The fifth Black Market deal is out and it’s a closed auction for the WZ-111 Qilin, minimum bid: 15,000,000 Credits!

There are only a few limited number of vehicles available depending on regions:


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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #5

  1. On the site, this tank is listed at a price of 22,500 Gold. The minimum bid of 15,000,000 credits is equal to a price of 37,500 Gold! What about this tank on the BM has caused it’s value to increase so much? Or, is Wargaming just trolling for dollars, yet again?

  2. It was changed today to 5 Gold! LOL! Nothing, nothing is special aside from a “Golden Dragon” “skin” and that breaths fire when you fire the gun… Its literally a WZ-111 5A reskinned… No extra credits, just regular extra Crew XP from a Reward Vehicle, nothing else. And people are bidding 50,000,000 or even more and I’ve even seen people selling 907, M60, Chieftain/T95, etc to have credits for this tank…

  3. so its not worth it. I read about it, that in some previous iterations it had better gun, but now according to this is the same tank with different skin.

  4. I just hear that someone give 82.000.000 but my wife spend 33.000.000 and get him so. wish to know how low is bid that get tank

  5. this was my exact bid ; 26042069 and I got the tank. just added those 420 and 69 for luck and it worked 😀
    it’s just a 5A though, it was funny how people went crazy for it and bid crazy amounts of credits on it. some people sold their clan war reward tanks for it!

  6. My bid was 25,100,000. It was not enough to acquirer one of the 1,500 Qilins on the South America server. It sure is cool looking.

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