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World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #3

1 min read

The third  Black Market deal is out and its a sale for the Turtle Mk I Tier VIII British tank destroyer, price tag: 6,000,000 Credits!

There are only a few limited number of vehicles available depending on regions:


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market 2021: Deal #3

  1. Turtle Mk.I sold out in less than 5 Minutes!
    6 Mio Credits

  2. I only got this:
    Error:Error processing payment. Please try again later.
    I tried 6 times and only see how fast tank is gone… unfair my wife was on her computer and also not get that Turtle. We have money and unfortunate only wish that tank.. 🙁

  3. well the servers failed it seems. got error 4 times. clicked the button right from the start but it kept giving me errors

  4. I only got 8 errors, while having 100+ mil credits standby and 5ms supersonic internet. Clicked from the very first second you could buy.

    Their servers are to blame WG, Fix that ****. It’s your lifeline. Don’t fix it and you are as good as dead!

    FU WG

  5. Fascinating that there are people complaining they couldn’t get the tank…a tank that has no place I the meta and is worse in every way compared to the TS-5

  6. But unfair selling.. there must be fair chance for all… and we play TD’s so wish that.. have TS-5 and Scorpion and others.. but not that.. For me is more fascinating that someone (like you) is fascinated that someone wish to get something…

  7. A tank that is too strong will not speak the level of the player

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