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World of Tanks: Black Edition Tanks Marathon

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Wargaming is giving all World of Tanks players from the NA Region the opportunity to get their hands on all three Black Edition tanks. Yes, that’s right, you can earn up to three Tier VIII tank with black camo for free!

Schwarzpanzer 58
T34 B
IS-6 B
Nov. 1-21Nov. 1-21Nov. 1-21

One of the craziest and most controversial ideas ever implemented by Wargaming is making a return! If you don’t have time for a marathon, starting Nov. 23, you will be able to buy any of these three tanks in a very special Black Friday Bundle.


While some players might find this a big rip off, the Black Edition tanks were a big sales success for the NA Region, while all other Regions just picked their pitchforks and torches and marched to Wargaming nearest office. Still, if these tanks aren’t for you,  no one forces you to buy them.


No details are known at the moment about the marathon, neither if its also coming to any other Regions, but most likely will be an NA exclusive marathon.


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