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World of Tanks: Personal Mission Update and Compensation

Good news everyone, Wargaming has managed to fix Personal Missions and they should be returning very soon. A script will run before they are enabled, where it will remove items that should have not been credited or are missing, like crew and unused orders.


Tomorrow, 31st October 2017, the servers are scheduled to restart at:

  • World of Tanks EU 1 – 4:30 UTC
  • World of Tanks EU 2 – 5:00 UTC

Once the scripts finish running, Personal Missions will return to the game. Be aware, there isn’t a specific time to when the Missions will return, so do be patience.

But this isn’t everything, to compensate for the interruption, Wargaming will be giving away one Female Crew Member and one Free Order to all players.



    1. Oh come on that would be useless if you are not playing right after the patch…Personally I’m OK with the female crew member but I would be more happy if my currently selected missions would be Completed automatically as a compensation.

  1. I don’t want to seem to complain but is there any information when we can recieve the compensation or how to get it ???!!! Because the personnal missions are activated now, but didn’t recieved the compensation (Or maybe because I already got the 260 ???!!!)

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