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World of Tanks Supertest: Object 268 Version 4 Changes

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Object 268 Version 4 has received some changes on Supertest. The vehicle was well received by Supertesters, but the Object 263 replacement has created a massive sh*tstorm across all servers.

It’s still unclear if Wargaming is going ahead with these changes, but according to the test, it became clear all vehicles tested are well suited for the game roles they where assigned. Statistic data shows a smooth progress from Tier VII to Tier X into an assault role. Object 268 Version 4 is better suited for an assault role, but it needed some changes to make it more effective and fun.

Please note, these characteristics are not final and subject to change.

Source: WOT Express
* Old values are inside brackets and difference is marked in green/red.


Tier X Tank Destroyer
Hit Points
Gun 152 mm M-53c
Shell Type AP / HEAT / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration 293 / 360 / 90 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 750 / 750 / 1100
Reload Time 19.66s (20.52s) -0.86
Rate of Fire 3.052 (2.924) +0.128 rounds per minute
Aiming Time 1.92s
Average Damage per Minute 2,289.2 (2,192.9) +96.3
Accuracy 0.432
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -5 / +15
Hull / Gun Traverse Speed 22 / 24 (21 / 27.1) +1 / -3.1  deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 55 / -22 km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard 1.151
Medium 1.342
Soft 2.205
Hull Armour 250 / 100 / 45 mm
Shell Velocity 960 (760) +200 m/s
Weight / Max Load
75.00t / 80.00 t (50.0t / 55.0t) +25 / +25
Engine Power 1,500 (1,000) +500 hp
Specific Power 20 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 24.4%
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 14.6%
View Range 370 m
Signal Range 720 m
Crew 5

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Object 268 Version 4 Changes

  1. thanks for the news, but the gap remains, how such a slow tank with slow reload will be able to go for close combat ?

  2. Are they kidding us? How is this tank simmilar to previous tanks? And how is it better than Obj 268 or current 263? The whole point is to get players to play this branch…. nobody will play for this s#it version of obj 268, obj 263 is more unique tank to play, it creates diversity to the gameplay which this game desperately needs…

  3. I’m aware its a real design, Yuri Pasholok wrote an article about the 268 developement which you can read translated here:

    Basically it should only have 180mm of armor at the most on the front, the engine should also be that of the T-10.

    That’s a tier 9 TD at best and tier 7, 8 and 9 is the issue with the Obj 263 line.

    There’s nothing wrong with the 263, its unpopular because pf the line but WG clearly needed to bring this PoS to supertest for players to burst out to state the obvious to WG

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