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World of Tanks 9.20.1: Known Issues

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After days of complaining, players finally get an update from Wargaming about known issues on Update 9.20.1. There is still no update on a known issue with the Friends List and Chats.

Source: Support Portal


Known Issues

Misleading description of the camouflages received as personal mission rewards.

Correct description can be found in the patch article

Added new rewards: Camouflage patterns:

  1. A set of three Camouflage patterns for the reward vehicle is earned for completion of all 75 missions
  2. The same set of Camouflage patterns becomes available for any vehicle of the nation the reward vehicle belongs to, once all 75 missions are completed with honors
  3. A set of three unique Camouflage patterns (summer, winter, and desert) can be earned for completion of each operation

Personal mission(s) have only Secondary conditions completed

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Incorrect amount of orders received from the personal missions.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Not possible to recruit crew members received from personal missions.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Camouflages received from personal missions can’t be applied on the tanks.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Incorrect description of the SPG-15 mission for Object 260.


Finish battle as the top player in your team by experience earned


Finish battle as the top player in both teams by experience earned

Base capture bar, missing in Portuguese version.

Issue under investigation

Matilda BP, Marks of excellence incorrectly placed.

Issue under investigation

Bootcamp not accessible.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.20.1: Known Issues

  1. Chat problems are ‘more or less’ fixed, pending final confirmation. It wasn’t really connected to the patch itself, the problem presented itself the night before servers went down for 9.20.1 maintenance.

    The largest problem remains that WG EU are keeping their mouths shut on the issue, offering no real explanation or updates. It was not until two-three days after the patch, following the launch of what essentially is an artifically created crapstorm-thread on the forums, we got a Community Contributor in – that seemingly had no function but to chat with us. Naturally – since the CCs likely do not have anything to do with the technical side of things.

    Aside from that CC being thrown to the wolves, which made sure to speak on the matter of ignoring players and not acting like a 24/7 global cashmachine, we’ve got ONE measly message yesterday that simply said that the issue appears to be fixed. Reason being that there was a WG event in Bucharest. Kind of a bad excuse for the kind of company Wargaming actually is.

    I could play the game, so I’m not too mad about the chat/contacts having severe problems, but the issue at hand is how Wargaming chose to handle it… or how it wasn’t really handled at all. The EU community struggles with minimal EU interaction and empty promises on so-called ‘feedback reports’ from the community. It’s been a month since last time the CCs had a charm offensive, and promised that the community-WG interaction would improve.

    It clearly has not.

  2. Anyone else experiencing a sound issue since the new update? Sometimes ingame-sound only uses 1 speaker within a match while the main menu and other software still work correct with two speakers. Restarting the game fixes this for a while.

  3. Even us didn’t have much feedback, I’ve tried to find what was happening and what was being done, and this time I got no reply back…

  4. Happened to me yesterday. Out from nowhere I was in a battle and my laptop’s left speaker started making some weird sounds (something like an interference sound) and stopped working. Right speaker kept working fine but only giving “the right side sounds”, which became really annoying since I couldn’t ear the environment properly. Was afraid the speaker was gone but lauched the media player and was working fine. Restarting the game was the only solution.

  5. Yes. There is no OFFICIAL fix, but I’ve found that ‘forcing’ 2.1 mode (twice, both speaker icon and dropdown menu) tends to solve stuff. Enabling ‘low quality’ sound might also help if you can handle it; the idea here is to (hopefully) circumvent any new features the updates sound engine introduced.

  6. Hey Hajo,

    I’m experiencing the exact same problem: Suddenly one sound distorts and from then on all the sounds in the battles are only on my right speaker and lower in volume. Whenever I get into the garage, suddenly everything is back to normal, but the every battle from then on has the same sound issues.
    I was just trying to find out, if this is an issue that others experience as well…
    Now I’m gonna report it to Wargaming.

    Enjoy otherwise!-)

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