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World of Tanks Supertest: Minsk Third Iteration

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On this variant of the map there will be postwar Minsk with the buildings of 60s-70s. It’ll be a mixed map, with urban buildings and open spaces. Map size is 1000×1000 and is set on a Summer post-war historic Minsk.

Minsk 3

I’m not entirely sure this version of the map will work, as its pushing players into two main corridors: city area and river side area. With limited crossings, teams will have to cross the river at the far side of the map and try to win the advantage there, but the north base seems to have a small advantage. As previous versions, this is still an early prototype and further changes will be made depending on test results.

Third Minsk Map Version Preview

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Minsk Third Iteration

  1. This maps mixes elements from paris, ruinberg and erlenberg. All three of which are not in my most favorite map list. Still early days and hope improvements are made.

  2. Looks like they’ve tried to mix the first and second iterations into a single map. While it looks interesting I think the original 2 maps would be better then this.

    I say put all 3 onto the Sandbox after they’ve been fleshed out some more and let the players decide what map(s) they prefer

  3. and again the map layout i don’t like … openish corridors which TD’s and SPG’s are going to abuse. this map is going to be hated to because of that. i miss freedom in this game alot like having 5km maps wide open field mountain valley’s that kind of play make everything more playable for high mobility and view range’s. but its just my opinion

  4. The map is flat as hell, they have to add some hilly terrain and bushes/trees in the open and piles of trash at the corners of the houses. Otherwise the open field is a deadly zone.

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