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World of Tanks: Soul Hunter – Halloween Event Details

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Halloween is coming and will be here in just a few days. For the first time in World of Tanks, we will have a dedicated Halloween event in the game.

There is a popular belief among tankers: they talk about Leviathan—an evil lord of the underworld. On gloomy autumn nights, it hunts for the souls of fallen tanks to imprison them in its kingdom of eternal darkness and appease its never-ending hunger. No one knows if it’s true, but they say that at midnight its sinister deep growl resounds over the battlefields and the glow of its scorching belly glimmers in the distance.


There isn’t any official details yet, but a few images of the event garage have been leaked. Leviathan, a Tier X tank created for the special event you can see on the background will be the main objective for this event. Players will have to battle against it, in what we believe to be a mode created for the special event, and try to destroy it.

I’m glad World of Tanks is following the trend created with World of Warships, where Wargaming spends a little bit of time bringing us a fun mode dedicated to the Halloween. No further details about the mode or rewards, but they will be shared as soon as we learn more about them.

Source: Esport1.huWorld of Tanks Asia Forum

4 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Soul Hunter – Halloween Event Details

  1. ‘I’m glad World of Tanks is following the trend created with World of Warships, where Wargaming spends a little bit of time bringing us a fun mode dedicated to the Halloween’

    I’d prefer if they spent more time fixing the game so we could have fun all year round. Rather than hoping to have the latest overpowered tank of the month or waiting for fun modes.

    1. They are fixing the game, some times it doesn’t look like it… But what good does if you keep pressing the same key? “Fix MM” “Fix game” “Fix MM” “Fix game” “Fix MM” “Fix game”! lol We need to give credit when needed, and complain when necessary.

    2. You have a good point and I do agree. I’m not saying the modes aren’t fun.

      But they aren’t fixing the game either. I disagree with that. They are simply changing it.
      Things that did improve was the new arty. As stupid and ridiculous as they are now they were even worse. I do give them credit for that. The problem is there are so many simpler more obvious solutions that has been presented by my the community and they have to come out with some long winded way that doesn’t make arty what it could have been.
      This is just one example. Another one: this patch the broke the friend list completely even though it wasn’t changed or meant to be changed at all. How do you mess that coding up?

      Yes. It might be the same shit coming from me again and again. Fix game. Fix game. Fix game. But they still haven’t done it. And in most of the players and communities that I have spoken to they aren’t making it much better either.

      I don’t just complain either. I have made multiple pages long posts and emails to WG with multiple solutions for many of the main issues. So has many many other people in our community. Even videos from players like sir foch are completely ignored.

      As a player who deep down does love the game for what it could become and be already based in the incredible potential. It hurts me to see the broken shit it has. As long as I’m around I will never stop pressing the ‘Fix game’ button. Maybe at some point they will take notice. Until then…

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